Zooka Pitching Machine Product Review 2018

Have you ever wondered why so many people try to write about something that they know nothing about? I still try to figure this out and this is one reason that I have felt the need to write pitching machine reviews that actually deliver what they should. As a baseball fanatic I know what to look for and how to tell apart features that are just meant to create hype.

With that said, you can expect the pitching machine reviews here on this website to be the best and most comprehensive reviews currently offered on the internet. You’re not just looking at another mash of words designed to fool you into making a purchase that you’ll regret in the long run.

I’m going to dig into the Zooka pitching machine and see what it really has to offer. This is one of the more popular pitching machines currently on the market which presents a great opportunity to see what it’s really made of.

Zooka Pitching Machine Features & Specifications

– This Zooka Pitching Machine only weighs 30 pounds which is what makes it one of the easiest portable pitching machines to drag around with you wherever you go to practice.

– You can use this for brushing up your batting skills as well as getting better on your catches since the position of the pitching machine can be adjusted to your needs.

– This machine uses just about any type of 9 inch balls.

– Instead of plugging it in all you have to do is make sure the battery is charged to get through practice. The battery will last for about 500 pitches.

– The speeds go up to 65 miles per hour with this Zooka Pitching Machine.

Who Would Buy This:

Anyone that wants to harness the opportunity of using traditional baseballs during the practice to ensure the most realistic drills possible.

The purpose of the Zooka Pitching Machine is to make practice sessions the best that they can be by using actual-sized baseballs. It provides players with the opportunity to practice infield drills, outfield drills, and batting drills which assures that every part of their game can be improved.


The Zooka pitching machine is what you would think of as the best pitching machine in the industry for those playing in leagues up to high school. The quality has helped it earn this reputation since it’s very sturdy and proven to last for many years instead of falling apart after just a few months.

On top of the quality, the pitches that it throws are great. From the least skilled league to middle school youth leagues, the pitches are what every player needs in practice to be able to gain that competitive advantage that they need each and every game.

The battery life is also known for being long enough to get through practice without having to worry about it going dead. Many batteries used in a pitching machine are known for going bad and only lasting for around an hour. This is definitely something that you don’t have to worry about with the Zooka pitching machine.


The main issue is that people don’t look in the user’s manual to find out how to get the most accurate pitches. Using dimpled balls will help you achieve this and you can graduate to other types of balls without sacrificing pitch quality by taking a look of recommendations included in the manual.

Guarantee:1 Year Limited Guarantee

Value for the money?

This is a more expensive pitching machine when you compare this review with our other pitching machine reviews. However, it’s one of the highest quality which makes the price something that one can easily overcome if they really care about having the highest quality pitching machine possible.