Will Storm Window Repair Save of Heating Bills?

Storm window repair is one possibility when you notice that your room is feeling colder and your insulation is not working anywhere near as well as it should be. The other obvious possibilities are a replacement set of storm windows, or a completely new rebuild of your entire window structure, with the intention of fitting new energy efficient glass. Different solutions will work best in different circumstances, and repair is certainly one possibility which needs to be seriously considered.

The advantage of repairing your storm windows is obvious. It is the cheapest possible way of bringing the levels of insulation in your room up to the levels they were at previously, and it is often relatively quick and easy to carry out. The fact that it is a cheap solution does not necessarily mean it is purely for low income housing or for those who cannot afford any other solution. Sometimes, it will be the best answer in any case. It is true, though, that the storm window fittings in cheap homes are rarely worth replacing if a simple repair can be carried out. The main exception to this will be if you are thinking of updating the window to a superior type of glass so that it has an even greater insulating effect.

There are many factors which can help you determine whether or not it is right to have a repair carried out on a storm window. The value of the property is certainly one, as is the size of the room. A window replacement on a high value home is far more likely to be recovered when the property is sold than one on a low value home, while the savings on heating bills will be more noticeable if the room is large and airy. A quality repair may not have the same effect in raising the value of a home, but it can certainly provide the same insulating value as new storm windows.

If you are sure that storm window repair is the way to correct the problem, you will first need to diagnose exactly where the fault lies. If the windows are internal, it will be difficult if not impossible to use water or air leaks to try to locate problem spots if they are not immediately visible. If there is damage to a wooden frame, it may be possible to replace a part of it to correct the problem. Be sure that there is no rotting wood even in the sections which appear to still be in perfect condition.

Aluminum or plastic windows can be harder to repair, although the need for them to be repaired is usually far less frequent. With artificial surfaces, you will nearly always need to replace an entire section, if not the whole window itself. Obviously, there comes a point where the repair of old windows is simply uneconomic and another solution should be found. Working with artificial materials will also often mean that you need tools which are not readily available, although there will usually be places where you can rent them.

Carrying out a storm window repair has one great advantage, especially if the storm windows are located inside. This is that there will be little of no disruption to household life while the repair is carried out, unlike there will inevitably be when an outside window needs to be repaired. If you need to call in outside help to get the job done, they will usually be able to work in one small corner of the room while the rest of your life goes on around them. It is not difficult to find local handymen who are able to carry out an effective storm window repair.