Wood Storm Windows 2018

Wood storm windows are the traditional solution to the problem of air leaking in and out through outside windows, and also the problem of not wanting to spend a fortune on external window replacement. Even though the window manufacturing industry now has many more materials to choose from when developing the cost effective solutions people need, there is still a significant demand for wooden products. They have a natural feel and appearance which no other surface has yet been able to match, and they can be highly effective if well maintained.

If you are considering fitting wooden storm windows to your property, you will first want to eliminate all of the other possibilities so that you can be sure you have made the right choice. The most expensive possibility is, of course, to replace the entire window structure with a new one, using the latest insulating materials and Energy Star compliant glass. This is likely to give you the most effective result of all, but it will involve a huge expenditure of time and money. Fitting storm windows is a far more practical solution in the vast majority of cases, and they can be adjusted to the needs of the property being protected.

Another alternative is to use storm windows made from another material, such as aluminum. These have their advantages in terms of durability, but they are never going to match wooden window frames for natural and aesthetic appearance. The problem with wood is that it as traditionally been difficult to maintain, but most of the finishes and coatings for wood which are available today were not known to our predecessors from other generations. It is probably time to take another look at wood and the advantages it can give us, in the light of new developments.

The low environmental impact of wood storm windows is one of their abiding attractions, but of course this can be severely reduced when the wood is coated with artificial materials. A stain or coat which is absorbed in to the wood at least allows it to keep its natural appearance, unlike the plastic covering of a composite window frame which will simply make the window look plastic and artificial. The need to coat a window frame in this way is virtually eliminated if you are fitting your storm windows on the inside of the existing window frame, but outdoors it can save a lot on maintenance work.

Wooden storm windows can be ideal for the interior of a house, especially if that house has a traditional furniture scheme built on wood. Many older properties do have, and they also have needs which were not present when the houses were initially built. Properties which were once relatively isolated have now been swallowed up by sprawling developments, and even those which remain relatively isolated will be suffering from far more noise than before. Wooden interior windows can help to provide soundproofing against the extra noise pollution of modern society.

Fitting wood storm windows to the inside of the existing structure can solve several problems at once. They can cut drafts and make the room feel more hospitable in cold and windy weather, while at the same time providing a barrier against noise. They can do this while still fitting in with the decorative scheme of the property, and in such a way as to be invisible to the outside. The property can retain its character while being far more suitable as a residence for modern life. Glass which is highly insulating and which complies with Energy Star can still be used as part of wood storm windows.