Insinkerator Evolution Excel Review 2018

Are you searching for nothing but the best food waste disposer in town? If you are, then the Insinkerator Evolution Excel is the perfect kitchen equipment made just for you.

The Insinkerator Evolution Excel is fully equipped with patented SoundSeal® and MultiGrind® innovative technologies. This simply means that this kitchen device grinds more food with minimal noise. Its grind technology has three very efficient stages that allow you to grind almost any food waste imaginable such as celery, artichokes, rib and chicken bones, potato peels and a whole lot more!

It minimizes the noise levels at the maximum of 60% over standard commercial disposers. This waste disposer will surely give you a high level of performance—truly a top-of-the line Evolution Series product.


MultiGrind Plus Technology – This Insinkerator Evolution disposer’s MultiGrind Plus feature allows you to stop worrying about what kind of food gets into your disposer.

This three-stage technology combines an Undercutter Disk, Grind Shear Ring and a Tri-Action Lug system, so you can grind almost any food waste.

Since the Evolution Excel can virtually liquefy celery, chicken bones, fruit rinds, corncobs, coffee grounds, and more to safely flow into your sewage system, you’ll be able to enjoy a cleaner food preparation area and bid your goodbye to those countless garbage bags cluttering your home.

It also has a Jam-Sensor circuit that automatically increases torque to break through jams.

SoundSeal Plus Technology – The Insinkerator Evolution Essential device has an Anti-Vibration Mount, an Anti-Vibration Tailpipe Mount, and Quiet Collar Sink Baffle, so no one can actually stop you from talking with your long lost best friend on the phone while the disposer is running. This feature also has the Sound Limiter insulation to minimize noise levels by up to 60%.

More Volume – The Insinkerator Evolution Compact disposer is cleverly engineered with a 1.0-horsepower Dura-Drive Induction Motor. This mind-blowing kitchen device will give you the horsepower that you will ever want and need to better liquefy any food waste compared to other disposers.

Wait. There’s more! The Evolution Excel’s grind chamber is made of 40 ounces of durable stainless steel and its grind component is designed to handle more volume of food waste than other kitchen equipment. This allows you to do grind all your food in just one go!

Easy Installation – The Insinkerator Badger 5 can be installed within a matter of minutes. You will not need to call and pay for an expert plumber to set up this disposer for you. You will just need to read the instructions very carefully and you’re good to go!


– This Insinkerator disposer’s MultiGrind™ and SoundSeal Plus™ technologies are only a few of its greatest advantages over other food waste disposers.
– The Insinkerator Evolution Excel is already proven to dispose a very large amount of food waste without encountering any problem.


– Some of the customers who have already bought this product commented that the Evolution Excel can be too quiet that you won’t even notice it is already turned on.

Final Verdict!

Bottom Line: The Insinkerator Evolution Excel is highly recommended for anyone who just wants to have nothing but the best kitchen equipment that is available in the market. You don’t need to own the cleanest or the most expensive kitchen to avail this incredible waste disposer.

The Insinkerator Evolution Excel’s price is also something you can’t afford to ignore since it’s one of the best waste disposers in town that is truly worthy of its price given its high level of quality.

With its sleek and stylish design, great power and performance, minimal noise, MultiGrind™ Technology, more food volume, easy installation and a reliable warranty. What more can you definitely ask for?

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What Have Others Said About the InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Food Waste Disposer?

“The Insinkerator Evolution Excel is simply the best!!!! This year for Thanksgiving, a guest was helping in the kitchen and put a large amount of potato peels down the disposer. I was concerned because not only was the disposer jammed full of potato peels, but there were a bunch of peels in the sink waiting to be stuffed into the disposer. (This has happened with our old disposer and I got the privilege of trying to unclog…” – W. Shimet (FL)