Wheelchair Platform Lift Review 2018

Most of us have seen others with a wheelchair platform lift, either in person or at least on TV or a movie. But we’ve never yet considered whether we should buy one, either for ourselves or a loved one. What about it? Should you consider buying one? There are lots of reasons why you might want to at least explore the issue.

People who find themselves suddenly immobilized sometimes find everyday functioning a challenge. Particularly, those in wheelchairs find it difficult to climb stairs. These difficulties not only hinder them at work, but at home as wheel. A wheelchair platform lift is an excellent option for the disabled and for senior citizens to help them overcome their physical obstacles. A lift will assist them in negotiating stairways and accessing the various floors both at home and at work.

A platform lift is primarily designed to lift a person on a vertical incline for a short distance. This distance typically ranges anywhere from a couple of inches up to about 12 or 14 feet. Installing the lift is not difficult; you’ll only need to make a few minor structural changes to incorporate it in the home or workplace. Nor is the lift an eyesore or does it feel like a freight elevator. In fact, if you shop around, you’ll find one that blends in easily with almost any interior design or exterior environment.

The better quality platform lifts come outfitted with a number of helpful features. For instance, a common feature is a sensitive sensor that helps prevent damage to the device because of obstructions on the platform lift’s path. You can also find platform lifts available in various sizes. The standard one has a maximum lift capacity of about 750 pounds.

Most people install their platform lifts on the interior of the house or building, however, many people choose an exterior lift. For those who do, you can choose from those with an acrylic dome, tinted windows and / or a ventilation package to protect from the weather. There is also considerable variety in doors and gates, with some wider than others and some models having fire-rated doors.

Everything we’ve discussed so far is a reason why you should at least consider a wheelchair platform lift. But the best reason is the sense of independence it gives to the person who might not otherwise have it. A wheelchair user will likely tell you how hard his or her life is without a platform lift. Because without it, they’re confined to one level of the house or business. It’s almost like being grounded, because they’re confined to one area.

A handicapped or elderly person who is a wheelchair user would tell you how difficult life can be without wheelchair platform lifts. Being confined in one place is equivalent to punishment. Thankfully, the plight of the less fortunate has been addressed by a select few companies who have made life easier by offering quality wheelchair lifts. The benefits of a platform lift are many, and this device is the best gift you can give to your near and dear ones who are mobility impaired.

A wheelchair platform lift will solve almost every mobility related challenge that your loved one faces with ease. They’re easy to handle and operate. They’re good for either indoor or outdoor use. Most of all, they allow the person using it to feel like a free person again, and not like they’re in prison.