Whirlaway 291 1/2 Horsepower Garbage Disposal Review 2018

If you want a space saving compact design garbage disposal unit, you need look no further than the Whirlaway 291 Garbage Disposal. This space saving unit has a “vortex powered” permanent magnet motor producing high speed 2600 RPM. The grinding components are corrosion resistant, ensuring you years of efficient grinding power.

Installation is made fast and easy with the Whirlaway 291 1/2 Horsepower Garbage Disposal mount system. This unique system of mounting will allow installation with the sink flange intact, saving homeowners time and money. You don’t need to call the plumber as you can do it yourself, if you just follow the instructions included in the package. Also included in the package is the removable new splash guard and the unit is safe for septic tanks that are properly sized.

The company offers two year replacement warranty over-the-counter. This means that the company is dedicated and committed to quality and customer service, and that they are sure your new Whirlaway 291 Garbage Disposal will last a long time.

The Whirlaway 291 Garbage Disposal features:

  • Whirlaway 291 Garbage Disposal ½ Horsepower Motor
  • 2600 RPM Motor Speed
  • 115 Volts, 60 Hz, 4.0 Current-Amps
  • Permanent Magnet Motor, vortex powered
  • Stainless Steel & Celcon Sink Flange
  • Positive Seal Stopper
  • Removable Splash Guard
  • ABS Waste Elbow
  • Continuous Feed
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Grind Ring
  • Stainless Steel Swivel Impellers
  • Galvanized Steel Turntable
  • Glass Filled Nylon Hopper
  • Corrosion Resistant Glass Filled Polyester Grinding Chamber
  • Plumb E-Z Mount System for quick installation

Whirlaway 291 Garbage Disposal Reviews:

Reviews for the Whirlaway 291 Garbage Disposal find it excellent, and much better than the more expensive, larger units. They also find the claim that it is easy to install true. One reviewer has been using the unit for three years and it is still working fine.

Another reviewer says the Whirlaway 291 Garbage Disposal is priced well, is efficient and quiet; but cautions user to take out the plug if it is connected to the dishwasher as the dishwasher will fail to drain.

Another review was from a husband and wife team who love the product after replacing their old leaking Insinkerator with it. They really wanted a smaller waste disposal unit and found the Whirlaway 291 Garbage Disposal by searching the internet and the price was just right for what they were seeking. They say the machine they bought is a little powerhouse that efficiently and quickly grinds their kitchen wastes. With the additional space gained under the sink with its compact design, she is very happy for the additional storage space.

The only negative thing in their review is that they are not do-it-yourselfers and the plumber they hired took two hours to get the unit installed, and so she was billed a larger amount than expected for the installation. In spite of this, she says the product’s performance is well worth the trouble.

All the other reviewers for the Whirlaway 291 Garbage Disposal are happy and satisfied with the performance of their units and are happy to recommend it.