What to Look for When Buying a Belt Disc Sander

If you are the type of person who loves to make do-it-yourself projects from wood, you should consider buying a belt disc sander. This type of sander is used if you want to remove materials form a large surface area. The disc in this type of sander makes the project smoother and more polished.

This sander is perfect for larges areas with very rough surfaces. It aggressively smoothens out the surface at a shorter period of time than other types of sanders. But before you buy a belt disc sander, you have to know some useful facts and information about this great tool. Here are some of them.

When buying a sander, you have to check if it has a sawdust collection feature that gathers all the sawdust that it has produced while sanding. This feature comes in different forms. Some sanders have bags that gather dust while others have a feature in which you can attach the sander to a system that collects dust or wood debris. It is important that your sander has this feature to keep everything neat and tidy while you are working. You do not want dust and wood debris flying everywhere in your shop because it is very difficult to clean.

The rigger should also have a lock that keeps the unit working even if you are not pressing on the trigger. This way, you can use your hand to properly manipulate the sander over the surface of the wood. You also do not need to apply pressure on one finger just to press the trigger.

It is also important to look for a sander that has good grips. It should have two-handed grips that allow you to hold the tool using two hands to keep it steady and to guide it properly. This will ensure that you are sanding on the right place.

You should also choose something that has a carrying case so that you can transport the sander easily. Some sanders are cordless but these are bulkier than sanders with cord because they require a rechargeable battery. When using a belt disc sander with cord away from home, make sure that you check the power source or electrical outlet first. The cord should also be long enough to allow you to work in different parts of your shop.

It is also important to check the sander’s knobs and settings. Make sure that you cane easily use them to adjust the tracking and other features. Make sure that they are conveniently placed o the sander so that you do not need to reach out your arms at an impossible angle while working.

Finally, you should also check the price. This sander is more expensive than other types of sander because they are larger and more powerful. You should do a little research to compare different sanders and their prices from different shops. This is to help you choose the best deal when buying a belt disc sander.