What Is The Twist With Oscillation & Vibration Plate by JTX Fitness?

The JTX 6000 comes with a twist, it oscillates meaning it makes a see-saw motion in which the plate moves up and down across a central pivot. This machine gives up to 10 mm motion range also called amplitude. But it doesn’t just oscillate, it also vibrates doing a second motion which pulsates through the plate making it very relaxing. Both movements are controlled by separate motors so you have a choice to tailor the machine to your particular need of exercise at any given time.

JTX 6000 is extremely easy to assemble and it comes with all tools included. Easy to follow instructions with photos are clear and all you need to do is to attach the vertical handle bar to the base. This only takes about 15-20 minutes.

Make no mistake the JTX 6000 is large and heavy and you do need a solid floor underneath it. However, this is precisely the positive point that I like, its heaviness makes it ultra solid and the two motors will easily outperform machines twice its price in efficiency. The dual-plane oscillation includes the two types of motions mentioned above and gives you the choice whether your target is to perform intensive strength training and/or a weight loss in mind (oscillation) or whether to cool down and have the vibration mode on for your stretching and floor based exercises or just for a relaxing massage after your running session. You can also have them on simultaneously in this model for a far superior workout than any of the other machines reviewed here are capable of.

The support bar is conveniently out of the way when you want to make full use of the power cords that come with the JTX 6000. It gives you over 300 degree freedom whether using the cords, making side stepping exercises or floor exercises whilst still having the comfort to grip the bar when squatting or doing balancing exercises on one leg.

Product Features

Peak power: 3100W (2x550W motors)

Dimensions: 75cm width, 75cm depth, 143cm height

Weight: 50 kg

Speed range: 100 (50 for oscillation and 50 for vibration mode)

Amplitude: 0-10mm

Programs: 8 (5 automatic and 3 manual training programs)

User weight: 150 kg

2011 upgrade with power cords and A1 wall chart displaying exercises

1 year warranty including parts, labour, delivery and collection

The Good

  • The two operating modes gives you two machines in one (intensive training/relaxing massage)
  • Extra large plate ensures secure footing
  • 100 different speed modes to start of gently and increase as you get fitter
  • Peace of mind 1 year free parts, labour, delivery and collection
  • No restricting bars for ease of exercise and two displays (one on top and one mid “neck”) for easy access if doing floor exercises

The Bad

  • Set up needs to be on a sturdy (preferably ground floor if in a flat) floor because of its power and weight
  • Needs its own permanent space as it is not movable for storage

This power plate is for those who appreciate its versatile capabilities. It can be a gentle aid in rehabilitation or strenuous exercise machine for the serious exerciser who has a lot to lose! Again, following a sensible diet will potentiate its effect on your health and weight loss but the JTX 6000 Oscillation/Vibration Plate certainly gives you an advantage whatever your goals are over the less multipurpose machines. Although this vibration trainer is in the highest price category so far, its features and the warranty support you get will easily compensate for the extra cost. You will not buy this machine for just to start with, this machine will deliver appropriate training level even for the experienced and fitter athletes for years to come.