What is Inversion Table Therapy and its Benefits

Inversion table is a form of exercise tool which is made in a way that it will allow your feet to be elevated than your head part. Because of this, it helps in reducing the bad effects of gravity to your system like water retention. As a matter of fact, the use of this table in inversion table therapy will position your body downward so the gravity will definitely work in an opposite direction.

Information on Inversion Table Therapy

The main indication of this table as the tool used in inversion table therapy is for people who are suffering from back pain. In addition to that, there are also some experts in the field of health who are also recommending inversion table therapy to be used in other health related cases experienced by patients.

Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table

There are so many designs as well as sizes of inversion table that you can use when you are planning to undergo with inversion table therapy. In addition to that, these are also accessible from different manufacturers as well as brands. Because of this, there is no need for you to become problematic when it comes to the accessibility of inversion table.

Similar to the other equipment that you can use in your exercises, there are some inversion tables that are designed differently. There are some that are expensive, immobile, complicated and too large to be used. If you are not aware of how to properly use such tables in your inversion table therapy, there are huge chances that you might suffer from injury related to its use. On the other hand, there are also some inversion tables that are made with portable features that can fit even if you will lay it down in small areas of your house.

Aside from the use of these tables in inversion table therapy, there are also some instances wherein you can use such equipment in executing exercises for your body parts. You have to remember that the functionality and the price tag of inversion tables are somehow the determinant of its price tags. Like for instance, those manually operated inversion tables are cheaper than power inversion tables.

Most of the inversion tables you can find usually differ in terms of durability as well as amount of weight. There are warranty offers depending from the manufacturer of the equipment.

Benefits from Inversion Table Therapy

This form of equipment when used in inversion table therapy will provide excellent relief from back pain. When you are in inversion table therapy, you are position inverted which means it will stretch your spinal cord. In return, this will promote proper blood circulation. There are some instances wherein the pain felt by patients are result of improper blood supply.

Elderly people and even middle aged adults will also benefit from using this table in their inversion table therapy. During this point in life, there are so many cases of such groups of people complaining for back pain. This is due to the aging process happening in an individual. The back pain happening in this group of people is the result of the long term effects of gravity. Thus, inversion table therapy will help reverse the situation and provide relief from back pain related to aging.

Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table

In addition, inversion table therapy will also help in the restoration of the normal blood circulation in an individual. Due to the constant pull of gravity, there is an alteration in the pathways of blood in your system. But since in the case of inversion table therapy you will be placed inverted, it will promote venous return to your heart. Aside from that, the fluids retained in your lower extremities for longer periods of time will also be put back to the normal flow of blood circulation.

Once you have proper blood circulation in your system, you will also be free from stress. In fact, people who have undergone inversion table therapy reports that they are more relaxed as compared before. As of today, inversion table therapy is used for the treatment of headaches due to stress.

Those people who have been submitted to inversion table therapy, they will experience increase in their body flexibility. As you are positioned inverted against the pull of gravity, your back muscles and tissues are stretched. Because of being stretched, this will help restore the flexibility of your muscles. This is especially evident in older people who have been experiencing decrease in the muscle flexibility due to aging and gravity.

There are some doctors who are pro-conventional treatment modalities are very much reluctant with the use of inversion table therapy. However, one cannot deny the fact that the use of inversion table in performing inversion table therapy will definitely provide so many benefits from the user. The bottom line is that inversion table therapy will help promote proper posture, improve flexibility, enhance proper blood circulation as well as eliminate back pain due to aging and pull of gravity.