Waste King L-8000 Legend Series Garbage Disposal Review 2018

People generally do not window shop for their garbage disposal units. If one of my dear friend wouldn’t have bragged about his Waste King disposer I would still be using a smaller and louder disposer in my sink. I was a bit taken aback when I saw his Waste King L-8000 Legend Series unit in his kitchen. It was huge though calmer. So I thought why not write something about it here on the blog to let others about it. After all a good waste disposer is ever more important in every household these days.

Tech specs

It’s a monster of a machine and you’ll realise it when you see it. Its 2800 rpm motor which is a permanent magnet not an electromagnet. All the swivel impellers are genuine stainless steel and these guys do the real job of cutting waste really fine. Splash guard which takes all the scum is easily removable and can be cleaned in a whiff. As I mentioned earlier the sound is a real surprise factor and that’s because of a sound insulation case. Not to forget that this unit comes with a lifetime warranty against mechanical and corrosion failure. That’s not bad , is it!

Cost wise

Cost of this Waste King garbage disposal unit really surprised me. It’s a 1 horse power thing and costs around $125 which is nothing. If you shop around you’d see lighter and louder garbage disposal machines costing an arm and a leg. Value for money, I would say!

Installation and Use

These things can be a pain to install. Not this. Of course you’d need your set of tools but that’s it. A regular DIY head can install this within an hour or so. The instruction manual even tells you what tools you’d need to install it. Pretty sweet, isn’t it!

Customer Reviews

As of this date, there are 568 reviews on Amazon and it is one of the bestsellers under Garbage Disposal department.

“Fantastic price on Amazon and we are very happy with this disposer. You can hear the power when you turn it on. Easy to install, quiet and it works great…

“Great Disposal and was very easy to install,just had to play with the rubber washer to mount it using the EZ mount kit..EVERYTHING is included to install…I was worried that I had to buy an extra Kit…but Don’t worry everything is included,just follow the simple instructions and ANYONE can install this!…

Some Things To Consider

Now, just like everything else there are a few things to know when making a buying decision.

– If your previous unit is smaller than the Waste King you have to get a plumber to do it. Not that you can’t do it yourself but smaller under-sink space will make things a bit tricky.

– Waste King L-8000 Legend Series comes with its own fused plug so it can’t be basically hard wired to your electrical connections. So you have to arrange for a socket nearby it or get an extension board.

– if you prefer a lighter, even cheaper model we have also reviewed Waste King L 2600 garbage disposal unit


Waste King L-8000 Legend Series is a value for money best with 1 hp power and literally no noise.