Waste King L-2600 Legend Series Garbage Disposal Review 2018

A good garbage disposal unit has become a must-have kitchen accessory. While most homes these days come fitted with these if you happen to buy a new one for whatever reason there is a lot of choice. But just like everything else you have to identify your exact requirements and then go out and research. After all you garbage disposal unit is for years if not for life. So choose carefully.

Waste King L 2600 Legend Series is a good choice if –

You have a small family and do not need a monster unit grinding waste under your sink.

You are a good kitchen master and keep the hard and solid bits out of the sink.

Basically, Waste King L 2600 Legend series garbage disposal unit is a half horse-power machine. Even though it’s still a force to reckon with but if you need more power than there are other options, such as, Waste King L 8000 garbage disposal which is a full 1-hp machine. Let’s find out more about this Waste King L 2600 Legend Series.

Tech specs

It’s a neat little garbage disposer that fits neatly under your sink. Comes with 2600 rpm motor which is a permanent magnet. The swivel impellers are good quality stainless steel and these guys are the real cutting machine that’ll grind the waste into fine paste ready for sewage route. Waste King L2600 comes with a 5-year mechanical warranty and lifetime corrosion failure cover.

Cost wise

It costs less than a good three-course dinner in a fine restaurant down town.  Amazon has the best price offers with shipping offers bundled-in.

Installation and Use

Garbage disposals can be bulky and a pain to install. This one weighs only around 9 pounds and 9 inches in width any side. All you got toworry about is having enough space under your sink. Waste King Disposers come with EZ method and 3-bold mounting method. This model comes with EZ mounting and with all instructions. True to its name, EZ method is really easy to even if you are doing it the first time.

Customer Reviews

As of this date, there are 267 reviews on Amazon and it is one of the bestsellers under Garbage Disposal department.

“Like several of the other reviewers, I purchased this to replace a Badger 5. I found the Waste King product impressive on a number of areas…

“After a lot of research I settled on the Waste King disposer. It was very easy to install and came packaged with all the necessary accessories for either a twist and lock installation or through the use of a bolt on system. The only thing extra that I needed to do was install an electrical outlet since my old disposal unit was hard wired. I have been using it now for just over a month and it works great…

Some Things To Consider

While all looks good with this garbage disposal machine some things have been experienced by the owners of this unit:

– If you never had a garbage disposer, then you might need to get a plumber to fit in if, and only if, you are scared of DIY. Otherwise, just read the manual and do it. It’s not rocket science.

– Waste King L 2600 has a 3-pin plug that comes attached to a 3 feet cord. SO if you need to hard wire the unit you might need to play with electric fitting. Just a matter of cutting out the fused plug and hard wiring to your electric line.


Waste King L 2600 is a cost-effective garbage disposal with great feedback from owners.