Troy-Bilt TB154 Garden Rototiller Review 2018

Troy-Bilt Garden Rototiller Description

The development of the Troy-Bilt Garden Rototiller has increased the choices available for tilling the garden. The two choices used to be either manually, using a hoe or digging over with a shovel, or buy or hire a gas powered rototiller. The problem was that usually the gas powered rototiller was expensive to hire, quite heavy, and not that easy to maneuver.

The Troy-Bilt garden rototiller has come to the rescue. It is light, powerful, and runs on electricity. So all you have to do is plug it into the power and with the push of a button you know you have “lift off”. The Troy-Bilt Garden Rototiller has a powerful 6.5 amp motor which drives the forward rotating cutting tines through a durable gear drive transmission.

For smooth and aggressive action the four sets of tine blades each have eight tines that are eight inches long to provide for a fine and even tilled area. As well the tines are easily removed for cleaning.

To assist with flexibility the Troy-Bilt Garden Rototiller has a variable width and depth of operation: The width can be adjusted from 6 to 10.25 inches and the depth up to 8inches. It is 22 pounds so light enough to maneuver about but heavy enough to get into the soil. For added ease the Troy-bilt Garden Rototiller has large 7 inch wheels.

Being electric there are no worries about gas, oil, whether it will start, and noise and fumes are no longer an issue. Of course because of its light weight and compactness the Troy-Bilt Garden Rototiller can be used as a follow up to weed and “hoe” flower beds and the vegetable garden.

The Troy-Bilt Garden Rototiller comes with a two year limited warranty

Troy-bilt Garden Rototiller Specifications

  • 120 volt, 6.5 amp motor
  • Four sets of forward rotating cutting tines 8 inches long
  • Tilling width and depth is variable: From 6 to 10.25 inches wide , to a depth of 8 inches
  • Extension cord is looked after by a movable fixing system
  • There is a two year limited warranty
  • The Troy-Bilt Garden Rototiller weighs 22 pounds
  • Driven through a durable gear transmission

Troy-bilt Garden Rototiller Reviews

Most users of the Troy-bilt Garden Rototiller were very happy with their purchase judging by the reviews we looked at. On average 83% graded it a five and 5% graded it a four meaning 88% of those who use this rototiller are happy with its performance.

The Troy-Bilt garden rototiller seems reliable and very capable of doing most tilling jobs in a garden well. There are reports of people using the rototiller for periods of 6-7 hours with breaks about every hour or so, and the rototiller didn’t miss a beat.

One user said “…….I use it on my Texas soil (actually more rocks than soil) and it goes well”

Other reports show the tines are quite tough because any rocks large enough to get caught in them can be knocked out with no damage to the tines. The cut out switch is handy in this situation. But some users stated that using a heavy duty extension cord is important to reduce the risk of the engine over heating – 12 gauge is good.

Several users were impressed with the way Troy-Bilt Garden Rototiller cut through tree roots, the odd one up to an inch thick. This sort of performance wasn’t expected. They also appreciated how easy it was to clean if t got a bit clogged up with roots.

There were one or two people who thought the Troy-bilt Garden Rototiller was a bit light. Either because it effected how well it dug down or tended to buck up if it hit an obstacle. But these people’s comments were in the minority

Some people were comparing similar sized gas models that were a bit heavier, but found this electric Troy-bilt Garden Rototiller version did just as good a job with less noise and fumes.

Several older people (one 70 years young) and some with arthritis reckoned the Troy-bilt Garden Rototiller was better than sliced bread: No pull start, light, easy to maneuver, does a great job and doesn’t pull your shoulders out of their sockets. They also found that if used with patience, it dug in well so actually less physical effort was required.

One last point that was mentioned quite a lot, was the engine kept surprisingly cool.

So considering the very positive feed back that is evident in the reviews we have looked at we would strongly recommend the Troy-bilt Garden Rototiller and place it in Position 3.