Top 13 Cordless Drills – Bosch 11255VSR Review 2018

The Bosch Bulldog offers long lasting and reliable results for a rotary hammer drill. Multiple modes and a speeds as high as 5,800PM makes it a suitable tool for light and fast hammer drilling. Its integrated torque-dampening clutch makes working with it a smooth experience. The Bosch Bulldog is accompanied by a 35 degree pivotal cord which allows you optimal motion during a project. It will however require a power outlet for charges. It boasts durable cord life and includes a protective carry case.


Multifunction Selector: Improve the control you have over your jobs with three different modes of operation. You can choose to work with the hammer only mode, rotation only mode or rotary-hammer depending on the application. Gain even more control over your project with the vario-lock positioning system which allows you to set 36 different positions for your chisel, optimizing its use.

High Performance: The Bosch 11255VSR offers equal power with its patented rotating brush plate—regardless of the direction. It is powered by a 7.2 Amp high performance motor capable of achieving as high as 5,800BPM and 1,300 RPM. You can adapt it to low and fast hammer drilling applications.

SDS plus bit System: Preserve the lifespan of your drill with the features such as protection, automatic bit locking and strong bit retention. For added protection, you can carry you drill around in a sturdy work case. The SDS features also increases the output power of the bit.

Variable Speed: Alternate your speed for more precise control with the Bosch’s variable speed feature. It sports a reverse trigger which offers more accuracy during applications. Consistent power is provided in either forward or reversed mode. The Bosch 11255VSR offers lowered torque reactions because of its built in vibration resistant clutch.

Comfort Factor: Enjoy working on long projects using the compact D handle grip design. The comfortable design offer effective leverage for both downward and overhead drilling applications. Even though the Bosch 11255VSR is accompanied by an 8 ft. cord, the cord turret is designed with a 35 degree pivot, providing flexibility in the workplace. The pivot system also reduces the risk of the cord being snagged extended its cord life.


The Bosch 11255VSR can be applied to a broad range of tasks. It high performance, versatility and strength allows it to be used for projects involving tough materials such as stone, concrete and brick. It can be used to drill holes in foundations and footing. The inclusion of a D-handle makes it easy to work with during long projects. 5 stars rated