Three Wheel Scooters for Kids

Three wheel scooters are the most suitable scooters for kids at early ages, who cannot yet manage their balance on two wheeled scooters. Still, these scooters are convenient, fun and you can get a good cruise on it as well.

Most three wheel scooter is suitable for kids who are on the move and need to get around fast. Different from bike, the scooters are more flexible to use since it has a quite compact size. So it is a perfect alternative for those who need a workout and fun ride from time to time. They are great for kids from 8 years of age and beyond, and mostly affordable. You can get a three wheel scooter at the price starting from $100 and above.

Before purchasing any three wheel scooters, there are some features you may want to expect from your purchase. Mostly you will want a sturdy construction, ease of use, store and navigate, as well as brakes to make a stop for safety.

So here are some of the best-rated three wheel scooters you can find in the market nowadays.

Slider The Unscooter U8 Three Wheel Action Scooter

You can get this three wheel scooter with the price starting from $110. It is very unique compared to the three wheel scooters which are designed for toddlers. Using this scooter is like using a roller blade. The three wheels are attached on each corner of the V-form deck which is designed to propel you without your feet needing to touch the ground. Although it has three wheels, it doesn’t mean you can ride this scooter easily. You will require some practice to make turns, use the brakes, etc. So this product is really not made for toddlers. It is ideal for teens and adults with the heights up to 6.5 inches.

Trikke Tech T12 Series 3-Wheeled Carving Scooter

The price of this scooter is quite expensive, but it really has a very good quality. It has high-pressure pneumatic tires and disc brakes which will work just fine on bad roads. This scooter is perfect for athletes who want to combine a fast and exhilarating ride with excellent cross-training. The larger wheels and heavier frame will allow you to take this scooter for a long distance carving.

Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter

This is a great scooter for those who are looking for a stylish and good quality ride. This is actually a middle of the range scooter that although it is not high end it still has a very good quality. The price range is also still quite affordable, that is between $90 and $299. Different from the previous scooters we have discussed, this model doesn’t come with a V-form deck, but a Y-form instead. So, it is actually still work for age 5 and upwards which is lower than the age range of the V-deck scooters I mentioned before.

Cycle Force Group flicker 3 Wheel Scooter

Compared to the previous three, this scooter is perhaps the most lightweight. You can get this simple and portable scooter for under $100. This one is also a V-deck scooter. It has 6-inches rubber wheels, foldable design and is made of steel frame.

Before purchasing any of three wheel scooters or any three wheel scooters with other brands and models, make sure you have made a careful consideration before making decision.