Thermostat Reviews 2018

For many years, the home thermostat has changed the quality of comfort for people around the globe. If you have used air conditioning in a home or office, you have used a thermostat to set the air temperature to whatever you desire. Hot or cold, the thermostat is the brain behind your entire air conditioning system. A good thermostat will bring you the comfort you want at all times while also helping you save money on power by accurately reading the temperature inside of your home. There are hundreds of thermostats on the market and finding the right one can be difficult. This site has been created to bring you the best thermostat reviews and thermostat ratings to help you in your search for the right thermostat.

If you have a high power bill, chances are that it is because of your air conditioning system. Our thermostat reviews have shown that heating and air conditioning systems are the two most costly things to run in a home. These cost-related factors make choosing the proper thermostat very important, especially with rising energy prices. To understand which thermostat will work best for you and to better understand how we supply our thermostat reviews, it is important to know exactly how a thermostat works.

Our thermostat reviews have found that most thermostats use two thermometers to accurately gauge a room’s temperature. One thermometer is used to display the room temperature on the gauge that you can see on the front of the thermostat. The second thermometer controls the air temperature from the top layer of the thermostat based on what you have programmed it to be. During our thermostat reviews we have found that these thermometers can be made from a variety of materials but most are simple coiled metallic strips known as bimetallic strips. Our thermostat reviews show that bimetallic strips are usually two different types of metal that have been laminated together. As the temperature changes, these metals will expand or contract whether they are being heated or cooled. In the case of the coil being exposed to a warmer room, it would start to expand and unwind, which would cause it to tip an adjustment lever known as the mercury switch. During our thermostat reviews we have found that most mercury switches are tiny glass bulbs that contain a small amount of mercury. Because mercury is a liquid metal that can conduct electricity, it will complete a circuit, as it is tilted one way or the other inside of the bulb by the bimetallic strip.

While the basic workings of a thermostat seem simple enough our thermostat reviews have found that one should always allow a qualified air conditioning expert install their thermostat. There are hundreds of different thermostats that have a variety of different features, and our thermostat ratings and thermostat reviews cover them. If you have experience with a certain type of thermostat, we ask that you leave your own thermostat reviews and thermostat ratings on our site.