Teeter Hang Ups Contour Power Inversion Table Review 2018

This model by Teeter is an optimal decompression and core strengthening device for any user. It implements an innovative spinal stretching and decompression system specially designed to provide safe, fast and effective pain relief. It takes the inverting experience to a higher level with the contemporary and unique design. The powerful inversion motor allows the device to accommodate users of various heights and weights. It is slightly more expensive than basic inversion tables and comes with high-end features. The product truly offers high performance means to strengthen the core and relieve back pain.

A few minutes of inversion therapy on this table can stretch the spine and back naturally to increase flexibility, tone muscles, relieve back pain and improve joint health.

Design Features

The Contour Power Inversion Table by Teeter Hang Ups features patented designs such as: gravity lock ankle clamps, precision balancing, interlocking gear motor, and Flex technology that reduces friction while sliding on the backrest. It features a smooth push button rotation and motorized control that allows for a smooth full rotation, or inversion to any pre-set angle.

Traction handles provide additional decompression and stretching while inverted. They are durable and thickly padded for comfort.

The Ergo-embrace supports significantly reduce ankle discomfort and allow a user to feel secure and relaxed while inverted. The patented ankle closure mechanism ensures the body weight is evenly distributed so there is no pinch pressure around the foot and heel. The Ankle comfort dial is an innovative platform design; it dials up or down for smaller or larger feet. It offers a very secure and comfortable fit for the ankle clamps.

The deluxe motorized design makes the table quite unlike other inversion tables. The beautiful innovative designs with push-button controls make this model the most user-friendly inversion table in the market. The styling of the table is very unique; the curved front legs allow for comfortable mounting and dismounting.

In case of a power failure, the table can still be operated using the emergency crank back-up rotation option.

Assembly and Storage

The table is very easy to assemble. It comes 85% preassembled with less than ¼ of the average parts of other tables. It can also be easily folded away when not in used. When folded it has the following dimensions: 27” X 35” X 68”.


Being a Teeter product one can be assured that they are buying a certified inversion table. It is thoroughly tested for quality-assurance to UL 1647 standards for motor operated exercise machine.

The table includes non-skid rubber floor guards to protect the floor and also ensure that the table has no movement during inversion.

Once the user is in the inverted position, the gravity lock system disables the open function and secures the body. This means one can be assured that there is no chance of accidents during inversion therapy or exercise routines.


The Contour Power is one of the best Inversion tables in the market that offers unbeatable security and user-friendliness. This model can be customized with accessories. The brand combined an excellent motorized system with 30 years of industry experience to create an inversion table that maximizes results while reducing strains of user-powered tables. Users may find the price to be too expensive; however, the table offers an ultimate inversion experience.