Sun Joe LJ600E Logger Joe 5 Ton 2 HP Electric Log Splitter Review 2018

Sun Joe LJ600E Logger Joe 5 Ton 2 HP Electric Log Splitter delivers a driving force of approximately 5 tons so you can quickly split 20-inch long x 10-inch diameter logs. For your protection, it features a double-handed safety switch that prevents accidental operation and an overload shut-off circuit which always keeps you in control so you can split logs safely. This 2-HP electric log splitter lets you lay a sufficient supply of firewood for your wood stove in the winter or summer camping bonfire and makes firewood-prepping easier on your body.

The Sun Joe LJ600E can be used anywhere in a variety of situations with its 6-inch wheels and comfortable grip handle which make it really easy to transport without the need to lift the machine. Even when faced with touch log-splitting jobs, the steel construction of the splitter makes this machine last long.

Features and Specifications

  • The Sun Joe Logger Joe uses a powerful 120-volt, 2-HP motor for easy log splitting
  • Splits logs measuring up to 10 inches wide and 20 inches long
  • Built-in safety: overload shut-off circuit and double-handed switch
  • 6-inch wheels allow for mobility around the home, yard, or campsite
  • ETL inspected and approved

The Reviews

Sun Joe LJ600E Logger Joe 5 Ton 2 HP Electric Log Splitter works well. As commented by a user, it’s a fairly powerful splitter. Another thing that stands out aside from its features is the price. It’s one of the cheapest log splitters one can find when most machines are especially pricey. While users were not expecting much from it due to its low price, they’re surprised to see that it has plenty of power.

However, one reviewer stated that it lacks the power necessary for a machine to split efficiently. Although the reviewer is pleased at what it has the ability to split logs and admits that it does pretty well on light-duty projects, it can’t withstand heavy-duty tasks. Also the switch can be a problematic with the user’s gloves on.

As our review team took a closer look at the Sun Joe LJ600E Electric Log Splitter, we were pleased with its performance. We admit it doesn’t have the sufficient power to do heavy-duty tasks, but the instructions say that this machine is for light-duty log-splitting tasks and it does pretty well in splitting 20-inch long wood or smaller. Some may find it uncomfortable to control its operation with both hands but this is intended to protect the user. We consider this machine as an affordable and reliable log splitter.