STX Dehydra DEH-004 600-Watt 10-Tray Jerky & Food Dehydrator Review 2018 – Impressive Dehydrator!

Are you searching for a dehydrator that gives an excellent performance, and saves time? This STX Dehydra DEH-004 600-Watt 10-Tray Jerky & Food Dehydrator should be your first choice! This is a highly recommended appliance because of its efficient service. Once you use this appliance you will never want to use your old machines!

The best drying machine!

This dehydrator is by far the best item in the market today! Its performance has surpassed all other brands of its fraternity. With this dehydrator you can dry almost anything starting from bananas, strawberries, apples and oranges. You can even prepare meat jerks and fruit leathers with its help. These preparations can be used in various recipes and you will enjoy chewing on those crispy and sweet foods!

Good Drying & Heating!

The dehydrator is highly efficient. It runs with 600 watts of heating power. The temperature range is 85º to 155 º. So it dries and heats intensely. The dehydrating is done with help of a fan and heater placed at the rear of the appliance for even drying. The even drying mechanism is based on horizontal air flow system. Without doubt, this is a high performance machine which you will love to use!

First-class Assemblage!

The dehydrator comes with 10 trays that have a space of 10 sq feet for drying. This means you can place a lot of food items on them and will not have to worry about them getting inadequately heated. These trays are safe to wash in a dishwasher! This dehydrator is now being introduced with 4 drawer front blank for making yoghurt, raising bread or for dehydrating larger food items. The dehydrator comes with a two Dehydrax sheets of 41 mm for preparing fruit roll ups or fruit leathers! All this makes this machine truly interesting and valuable an equipment in every household.

Features :

  • High quality dehydrator. It can dry almost anything. Assists in making good recipes.
  • The dehydrator dries evenly and intensely with the help of a fan placed at the back. It works on the concept of horizontal air flow system.
  • The appliance exhibits 600 watts of heating power. Heat level ranges from 85-155 degrees.
  • This appliance is incorporated with 10 trays that sports 10 sq ft of drying space for efficient heating and drying.
  • The appliance features 4 new drawers front blank for making yoghurt, raising bread for dehydrating larger products!
  • The dehydrator comes with two dehydrax sheets for making fruit roll ups or fruit leathers!
  • The product comes with a one year guarantee.

Customer Feedback & Ratings

This dehydrator has grown to be a favorite among many buyers who have bought it. This STX Dehydra DEH-004 600-Watt 10-Tray Jerky & Food Dehydrator has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars! The rating itself proves how popular the item is in the market. This excellent dehydrator is a heavy duty model which will simplify your kitchen work to a great extent. There have been no major complaints against it from the customers. However, for more details on this product you must visit