Stair Lift Review 2018

A stair lift is a mobility aid that can make your life easier by taking you up and down the stairs in your home. Many people require them for various reasons and buying one is easier than ever. Thanks to online shopping, it’s possible to pick a great stair lift with the help of the right reviews and websites. Stair lift reviews can be a source of advice from genuine users who have the same needs as you. When making any big purchase it’s important to mull over all your options carefully.

What Makes for Quality Stair Lifts?

A good stair chair lift is an investment. You may currently be unfamiliar with them but once you buy one, it should last a considerable length of time. Chair lifts for stairs should: be an appropriate fit for your body, be comfortable, use a suitable power source, be the correct dimensions to fit your home and have a good guarantee or warranty where possible. It should also run smoothly along its track so as not to cause the user any discomfort by being unexpectedly jolted. And of course, it should fit your budget. These criteria should be mentioned in helpful stair lift reviews or comparisons. Before you go looking online for chair lifts for stairs make a list of the properties that matter to you so that you can find a lift that meets all of your needs.

How to Buy a Stair Lift – Where to Begin

Stair lift reviews are a good place to start when buying a stair lift. Seek advice from your friends, as well as from a professional such as your doctor or other health worker. You can then gather all of this information and compare various chair lifts for stairs online. Online shopping is a good option for those who require a stair chair lift. If you are suffering from limited mobility then the ability to shop from the comfort of your own home will be of great use to you. It really can make the whole experience of shopping for such a valuable item that much less stressful. By looking at stair lifts online you have all the time you need to compare and contrast options and think over the decision. With an item that is such an investment, why risk being rushed? You can avoid the chance of wasting a great deal of money by carefully weighing the pros and cons of each option. A comparison guide can be a useful tool when buying a stair lift. Be a savvy shopper and don’t be afraid to look for advice and assistance. You can find stair lift reviews by doing a simple online search. Forums are a good source of stair lift reviews because once you find the right subsection of the internet, you will likely find many other people discussing the topic of lifts.

Stair Lift Reviews and Comparison Guide

Model                                       Brand                     Weight Capacity   Power Source   Rail Type

AmeriGlide AC Rubex              AmeriGlide               350 lbs                        AC                           Aluminum

AmeriGlide Vesta Stair Lift     AmeriGlide               300 lbs                      110 Volt DC            Power Outlet Powder

Coated Aluminum

AmeriGlide Ultra Stair Lift     AmeriGlide                300 lbs                      DC                           Extruded Aluminum,

Natural Finish

AmeriGlide Rave Stair Lift     AmeriGlide                 350 lbs                     Battery                    Aluminum

AmeriGlide Outdoor Deluxe  AmeriGlide                 300 lbs                     DC                           Aluminum

Ameriglide Heavy Duty          AmeriGlide                  500 lbs                     DC                          Aluminum

Pinnacle Stair Lift                    Pinnacle                        350 lbs                    Battery                   Aluminum

AmeriGlide Platinum Curved Stair Lift  AmeriGlide         260 lbs          Battery                  Twin Tube Steel Rail

AmeriGlide Platinum Stair Lift HD         AmeriGlide         350 lbs          Battery                  Twin Tube Steel Rail

Who Should Use Chair Lifts for Stairs?

Stair lifts are suitable for anyone who struggles with mobility. Issues with mobility can be due to a number of factors – illness, chronic pain, arthritis, joint injuries, angina, or simply old age. Wheelchair users can also require the use of chair lifts for stairs. Many times, someone will develop problems getting around only to find that they are stuck in a two story house which is difficult to navigate. Stairs can prove to be a challenge even for those who can walk with relative ease. Installing a chair lift is just one way to make life easier and streamline the process of getting around your own home. Especially if you suffer from an illness that limits your movement, chair lifts for stairs can take so much hassle out of everyday life.

Your home can be your own again, as you will no longer require assistance to go up or down the stairs. This is invaluable for those who live alone, or who only have help in the home for a few hours at a time. Keep an eye out in stair lift reviews for reviewers who have the same ailments and issues as you do, and pay attention to what they have to say. For example, certain lifts may be better suited than others for wheelchair users, or for those who suffer from painful arthritis in their joints. Use stair lift reviews to point you in the right direction.

Chair Lifts For Stairs Will a Stair Chair Lift Fit in Your Home?

It’s easy to overlook that a chair lift needs to fit not only your personal needs, it also needs to fit your home. Thanks to the advances in mobility aid technology, fitting stair lifts is not a difficult process. There aren’t really any special requirements, since with the large range available there is a lift out there to fit almost any stairs. Different models accommodate the needs of different households. Your stairs does not have to be a traditional straight stairs in order to fit a lift, as the makers of lifts realize that not all houses are built the same. There are models built to fit stairs with landings, curved stairs or lifts that are fitted to your custom measurements. This mobility aid is adaptable for your convenience and the lift itself is fitted to the steps of the stairs. This means that installing a lift doesn’t require any expensive renovations or redecoration. Again, look to specific stair lift reviews for tips on what will best suit the layout and design of your home.

Stair lift reviews can be used to give you a realistic idea of the dimensions of specific lifts but in general once they are installed, chair lifts for stairs do not take up much room. The stairs is still perfectly functional for anyone who wishes to walk up it, as the lift will only occupy about a foot of space at the edge of the steps. Stair lift reviews will also inform you of the noise level of a lift, however there is not much difference between newer models as they are designed to be quiet when in use. This means there is no need to worry about using a lift in the middle of the night.

What Kind of Power Do Chair Lifts for Stairs Run On?

A stair chair lift operates by attaching an aluminium or steel rail to the stairs, on the side of the stairs closest to the wall. A motor-operated chair fits securely into this rail, bringing you smoothly in each direction. Stair lift reviews should specify what mode of power a lift uses. There are two options – chair lifts for stairs can be powered by a rechargeable battery or they can be connected to the house’s electricity mains. In more recent times the rechargeable option has gained popularity because they are reliable and many chairs use a mixture of both. As long as a lift’s batteries are charged it can continue to operate even during a power outage, meaning that the lift user is not stranded until power returns.

How to Use a Stair Lift

If you are unfamiliar with chair lifts for stairs the mechanics of it can seem daunting. As mentioned, stair lifts consist of a seat traveling via metal rail. A stair lift smoothly carries its passenger up the stairs, with the seat positioned at a right angle to the rail. At the top or bottom of the stairs most lifts then allow the seat to swivel to some degree, then it is re-locked into position so that you can safely dismount. Some chairs swivel automatically at the end of the tread while others use a manual control. There are no sudden movements but if you prefer, you can find stair lifts that come with a seat belt for added reassurance. The motions of the lift are determined by an electronic control, sometimes situated in the arm of the chair itself. The controls can also take the form of a panel at each end of the treads, allowing you to bring the chair to whichever end of the stairs you require. The control consists of buttons or a lever and is an easy-to-use system that you will quickly learn to use with no problems. If you are wary of such controls then stair lift reviews can be of aid in determining which controls are the most user-friendly.

Stair Lifts How Expensive is a Stair Chair Lift?

Purchasing a stair chair lift does not have to put a major dent in your bank account. Utilize the internet and stair lift reviews when it comes to choosing chair lifts for stairs that are within the scope of your budget. Chair lifts for stairs can range from affordable basic models to expensive deluxe options with all the extras. A price comparison guide can be of great help and can shorten the whole process. Typically, stair lifts cost between $1,000 and $5,000.
It’s easy to get waylaid when trying to take price into account along with all the other features, so use the resources that are out there to cut down on such possible difficulties. Stair lift reviews will also give you an idea of the various price points that are available to the buyer and what the pros and cons are in each category. When comparing the information in stair lift reviews ensure that you are looking at the same brands and/or models. If you find a lift that appeals to you, make a note of its model number for future reference when shopping around.

Once chair lifts for stairs are purchased and installed, they are not expensive to run. You will not suddenly experience a great increase in your electricity bills because, on average, a month’s worth of operating a lift is the equivalent of boiling a kettle twice. If you’re unsure, stair lift reviews can give an insight into the experience of other users.

The Installation Process

You may be wondering at this stage how chair lifts for stairs are installed. It’s simple and as with any feature there is more than one option. If your mobility is only slightly limited it is possible to install some chair lifts yourself. This option is also suitable for those with family or friends who are handy with D.I.Y projects. If this is not the case and the lift that you purchase does not come with a local engineer who will install it, ensure that you hire a qualified professional to undertake the installation instead. Stair lift reviews will paint a reliable picture of how easy the installation is for specific chair lifts for stairs.

Regain Your Independence

Many people take the ability to go up and down their stairs with ease for granted. It is such a small part of life that is not really noticed until it becomes difficult, or no longer possible. Mechanical chair lifts for stairs are a great invention of the 20th Century. You no longer have to be limited to the lower floor of your home. Installing a lift is a cheap and affordable option compared to the other routes you could take to elevate your standard of living. Just think how much it would cost to renovate your home to include a bathroom downstairs, or to convert a room into a bedroom. Even for those who can afford to move to a single story home to accommodate their mobility issues, leaving a home you have been in for years or are very attached to can be a needlessly difficult option. A stair chair lift is the best option because it allows you to remain living in your current location and is only a slight adaptation of your house that results in a big payoff in convenience. Surely that freedom is worth the initial cost of purchase.

Installing a lift on your stairs can be an important step in regaining your independence. They are a beneficial investment and anyone suffering from mobility issues should look into purchasing one. Stair lift reviews are there to help you make your decision because you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on a chair that isn’t right for you. Hopefully this guide on how to choose chair lifts for stairs can help you on your way to finding the perfect fit for your lifestyle.