Smart Splitter Review 2018

The smart splitter is not your ordinary splitter. It excellently clamps down on woods to hold them in place for easy cutting. It is also easy to use you only need to place the splitter on a wood to cut, lift its weight and release. The splitter can safely cut down on woods of any diameter and size.

Smart Splitter Features

The splitter from Lucky Distributing assures that you will not miss in cutting the wood ever again. It can split a log as long as 21.7 inches. It can split any diameter of a wood. It is easy to use. Once the splitter is clamped on the wood, holding it properly and tight, then the weight of the wood is lifted and released.

The manual that comes with the splitter is very helpful. It provides clear instructions on how to get started and explained very well what each part of the splitter is for. Reviewers assured that by firsthand experience, the splitter does not deflect from any angles especially away from the logs it is splitting.

Another feature of the smart splitter is its swiftness as compared with other splitters in the market. It can cut woods twice as quick as an efficient maul does, but with half the effort. It is also very portable because after the works are done, the splitter can be kept away in a safe storage. And since it is not bulky, it does not take up much space inside the storage room.

The safety is very efficient because the splitter holds the wood in an upright direction, which makes splitting very safe.

Smart Splitter Specifications

Lucky’s splitter weighs 24.2 pounds and upon shipment, it weighs 27 pounds. The product dimensions are 46 x 3 x 7 inches. The splitter has important parts: the main splitter, the nylon washer, and the hammer.

Smart Splitter Review

The reviewers related their good experiences with the splitter and were satisfied with how the splitter splits the logs. One reviewer said that the splitter is safe and easy to operate. The reviewer aged 58 claimed he can split logs in 16 inches in diameter and even wider without major issues, although it will take a few thrusts from the smart splitter’s hammer to get the log split.

For larger logs, some reviewers combined a wedge and a small sledge with the splitter to seamlessly and safely cut the logs. However, reviewers cautioned their readers to wear protective clothing such as long pants in splitting bigger logs, although the splitter from Lucky Distributing has the best control so even the smallest logs can be split for fuels in fire pits.

For those who have a not very strong back, the splitter from Lucky Distributing is highly recommended because there is no need to bend over on low levels using axes. The favorite splitting time for most reviewers is when the logs are already very small, but they need smaller and thinner kindling. If there are kids who want to watch how the logs are split, the smart splitter does the job well because it ensures that no fingers or hands will get split.

Reviewers who gave the splitter four star ratings complained that some parts of the splitter broke after several weeks. One reviewer explained that the nylon washer, which is the part between the main splitter and the hammer cracked. But the part that needs replacement is easily available from the supplier.