Sleep Studio 3-Inch Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Contour Pillows Review 2018

Sleep Studio is a well known big player in the market of memory foam mattress. For buyers who love to spend money on brand, going for Sleep Studio is a feather in your cap!

At times, even if you have the budget to go for a full fledged mattress, it might make sense to go for this topper for two reasons: A 3 inch topper is bound to give less trouble in captured heat, a common problem for memory foam mattress; and Sleep Studio uses technology which makes it 5 time more breathable than ordinary memory foam mattress

Over and above, as per NASA specification any mattress more than 2 inch is good enough to exhibit the therapeutic effect on body. So, the pain and health factor is taken care of well.

Sleep Studio 3-Inch Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Contour Pillows Features and Specifications

– 3-inch traditional memory foam topper for use with twin XL mattress
– Comes with 1 contoured memory foam pillow
– Breathable 2-pound density memory foam with plant-based ingredients
– 3-zone ventilation pattern for air flow and cooler sleep temperatures
– Forms to body’s contours for pressure-point relief while minimizing motion transfer
– Eco-friendly MicroSafe antimicrobial treatment
– Spot clean only; do not machine wash or dry
– Made in the USA
– Topper measures 78 inches long by 37 inches wide by 3 inches high
– Limited manufacturer warranty
– Shipping Weight: 25 pounds i.e. about 11.5 Kg
– Shipping Advisory: This item must be shipped separately

The Reviews

People who have used it have given good valuable feedback about the pros and cons. Some the highlights are:

– Takes less time to initialize i.e. do not have to wait for 72 hours to use it. But at the same time give it a reasonable time for at least 6 – 7 hours
– Good comfortable semi sunken feeling for superior sleep experience
– Good for handicap and children
– Very much light weighted as compared to similar other or even 2 inch products
– Not much good feedback about the pillows, unfortunately
– A little smaller in size may take time to expand but still a neck to neck fit to your mattress
– May not last very long as you may wish!
– Less complains about smell, odour
– Good for people who are recovering from orthopaedic surgery or accidents
– There are a lot of holes for ventilation which has got mixed reviews. Check by yourself to be sure that you like it.

On the whole, there are mixed reviews about the product and some 2 or 3 star ratings as well. I feel that it is more to do with the correct expectation. Some people may fancy it as a complete memory foam mattress but one must remember this is a topper not a full-fledged mattress. I would recommend this if you have your expectations set in that line and use it intelligently. For example, while recovering from some accident or just adding 3 inches of extra sleeping comfort over your good old mattress!