Singer Futura CE-250 Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review 2018

Best Embroidery Machine Reviews presents the Singer Futura CE-250 Sewing and Embroidery Machine. Just like all Singer products, the Singer Futura CE-250 is yet another remarkable sewing machine. Upgraded to meet all expectations, the Singer Futura CE 250 is an addition to the Singer Futura line of top notch embroidery machine.

The Singer Futura CE-250 is fully packed with features such as the automatic threader which automatically threads your needles in a snap. The drop in bobbin system also gives ease in loading and removing bobbin plus, you will definitely know if you’re out of bobbin thread with its clear bobbin cover. The Singer Futura CE-250 has 100 built in stitches for your different stitching needs. These built-in stitches are perfect for your quilting, sewing or even simple hemming projects. Like all other Futura embroidery machines, the Singer Futura CE-250 has a built in upgraded automatic one step buttonhole maker. With this, you can choose 6 different buttonhole types. The stitches are also sewn in the same direction to make sure that the button holes are even and balance. The Singer Futura CE-250’s automatic buttonhole maker has an exclusive underplate which allows button hole making on places are hard to reach.

The Singer Futura CE-250 features an adjustable stitch length and width to prevent bunching on your fabrics no matter what fabric type it is. The stitch settings are automatically set but are also capable of personalized stitch settings according to how you want it. The electronic twin needle and programmable needle up/down adds decorative stitching patterns and are automatically adjusted for twin needle set up. Since the Singer Futura CE-250 is a computerized embroidery machine, it is computer compatible it can be connected directly through a USB cable. Now, copying and transferring your designs is very easy. The Singer Futura CE-250 is also recognizes most embroidery design file type. For its embroidery built-in features, the Singer Futura CE-250 has built-in 120 embroidery designs which are usable for your quilts and personalized gifts. The built in lettering program is also one of the best features with its 5 built-in fonts that are easily resized and rotated along with its 30 additional designs such as frames, wavers and many more. Another great additional feature for the Singer Futura CE-250 is the Autopunch software which allows you to digitize your own designs into embroidery. Now, you can easily digitize clip arts, photos and graphics and turn them into beautiful stitches. This software also comes with basic editing features which gives you the ability of changing basic features of your designs.

Lots and lots of additional features such as the two embroidery hoops that comes in small and large sizes perfect for your small and large embroidery designs. The drop feed free motion sewing that drops the feed dogs with just a move of a lever for free motion sewing. For those who have a hard time seeing ill lit areas, the Singer Futura CE250 has 3 stay bright LED lights that shed appropriate light on the working area for a brighter sewing area. You can also transmit designs in 4 different ways. The design can be sent one color block at a time, the whole design can be sent at one time, the design can be sent in one color, or the color sequence can be chosen during data submission.

Singer Futura CE-250 Features and Specifications

One Touch Stitch Selection – you can change stitch type and setting with just one touch. You can also set length and width for your stitches and thread.

Warning Signals– audible warnings created by the machine to alert sewer for machine trouble.

Operational Tutorial – includes step by step tutorials that help users, even beginners to create great stitches and embroidery projects.

Stitch Locking Functions and Automatic Back- Tack Function – ties off stitches with just one touch of a button which avoids stitch from unraveling for a stronger stitching.

Quick and Easy Threading – Threads your needles easily by following the threading arrows making your needles threaded in a snap.

Automatic Tension – enables stitch stability for quality stitching regardless the fabric. You can also change the tension settings for personalized projects.

Extra High Pressure Foot Lifter – offers more clearance when placing multiple bulky fabrics under the presser foot.

Four segmented Feed Dogs with Box Feeds – ensures fabrics are picked up and supported while the box feed motion moves the dog feed in a box motion instead of the usual arc motion.

7mm Stitch Width – has a maximum of 7 mm stitch width which allows stitching selection between the maximum stitch width.

Singer Futura CE-250 Customer Ratings and Reviews

Most reviews are positive for the Singer Futura CE-250 where a lot of machine features were highlighted for its optimum performance and usability. Its solid built keeps the machine stable plus it is affordable and has a great value for its performance. If the machine is used accurately and tutorials are commended properly, the Singer Futura CE-250’s features are great since it delivers optimum embroidery results having more designs and usable built in patters that you can use at any type of occasion or projects. Unlike other built-in features from other machines, some designs are not usable since they don’t always match.

It’s metal body makes the machine sturdy making it move less when in use. The buttonhole maker is also recommended for different buttonhole types you want to use on your sewing projects. With the clear bobbin cover, seeing what is left of your bobbin threads is very easy since the cover is clear making you skip pulling the cover off to see if you still have enough bobbin left for sewing. The easy drop in bobbin lets you reload your bobbin easily too. With just a single snap, your bobbins are just in place like magic. If you are having a hard time threading your needles, then the Singer Futura CE-250 has an automatic threading system that makes threading very easy and customers who bought it don’t have to worry or spend too much time in threading their needles since the Singer Futura CE-250 can do it quick and easy. The hoops are great too since it doesn’t limit your designs to a certain size, you can now choose from a small or a large hoop for your large or smaller sized designs.

The software that allows you to convert your clip arts into embroidery designs is great and you won’t need any other software to do that for you. Now you can even do more personalized designs depending on the designs you load on the software. So if you are on the lookout for a sewing and embroidery machine that has great attachments and functional features, then the Singer Futura CE-250 is the right machine for you.