Silk’n SensEpil Review 2018

The Silk’n SensEpil is a portable hair removal device, created by Home Skinovations Ltd. The SensEpil uses Home Pulsed Light TM (a trademarked term used to describe Intense Pulsed Light) technology. The same technology has been around for years and is used to treat other skin disorders like birthmarks and acne.

The idea behind the SensEpil’s Home Pulsed Light TM system is that an emitted intense light pulse will penetrate your skin until it hits the shafts of hair and the hair’s roots. The light energy is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, called melanin. The highest concentration of melanin is in the root of the hair shaft – where new hair growth starts. The absorbed energy disrupts the hair root’s ability to create and grow new hair – in other words, it inhibits the growth of new hair! It’s pretty painless and Silk’n claims that its effectiveness has been clinically proven.

Does the SensEpil work the way it’s supposed to?

Once we got our devices and started to use them, we noticed what many user comments had reported: If used according to the directions, the SensEpil definitely seems work as well as the manufacturer suggests.

Looking back at all the user reviews, we found that almost everyone who’d used the SensEpil had experienced positive hair removal results, for example:

“Been using this for about 2 months now on my bikini area and there are definitely bald patches!! It’s definitely working!!!” – Gingerbelle8 on forums

“I have been using the SensEpil for a year… And I have to say, this works! I use it mainly on my underarm and bikini area. I am extremely close to being hair-free in both areas.” – w04hh on forums

“After 3rd treatment within 6 weeks, I have noticed that the hair on my lower leg is significantly reduced to almost zero. I was quite hairy before: I had 2 to 3 hairs from one follicle. It’s a incredible product for hair removal…” – coralee on forum

Of the small number of users who didn’t like the SensEpil, from their comments it seems like they didn’t quite understand what it is SUPPOSED to do. You have to remember: the SensEpil isn’t the laser light equivalent of a razor. It doesn’t slice the hair off; it disrupts the skin’s ability to produce hair in an entirely different way than most people are used to. So the results are obviously going to be different than the results of shaving or waxing. Maybe the negative commentators had unrealistic expectations? Or, more likely, they just didn’t give the SensEpil a chance to do what it’s supposed to do.

How soon should you expect results with the Silk’n SensEpil?

Like most people, when we are excited about a new product we want to see results fast! We suppose it has a lot to do with the typical mentality of our quick-fix society. It’s funny, but when we used to go to the salon and paid hundreds of dollars for laser treatments, we were content with the idea that several treatments were needed to see results. For some reason, when we first started looking into trying to find an effective home hair removal system to replace the expensive laser treatments we thought we could find something that was not only cheaper, but better and faster as well!

Well, through our research we quickly realized that if we were to make an informed decision we should be realistic with our expectations and not be fooled by any snake-oil salesmen. The best way to do this was to educate ourselves on the available hair removal technologies.

Now you don’t have to get some degree in dermatology to educate yourself, just take the time to wrap your head around what long-term hair removal is all about.

We really found that the most helpful piece of information we came across in our search for understanding was the concept of the Hair Growth Cycle.

You see, there are three stages of hair growth. There’s the growth stage (anagen), a transitional stage (catagen), and a ‘rest’ stage (telogen). The growth stage is determined by genetics and is therefore different for everyone. Usually it lasts for 18 to 24 months, but in some cases it can last for up to 8 years! The transitional stage lasts around 2 weeks and the resting stage (telogen) lasts from one to four months. Once the hair goes through these stages, the cycle starts again and new growth begins.

So what you really need to know is that when the hair is in the transitional or resting stages laser or the pulsed light from the SensEpil cannot affect the hair follicle. And what’s even more important to keep in mind is this: each hair follicle on your body is at a different stage in this growth cycle.

Now that you understand this, it seems reasonable that results after using the SensEpil a few times are not immediate. And it makes sense that everyone is going to experience slightly different results to the SensEpil treatments because the length of time an individual hair spends in each particular stage varies from person to person. That’s why you need to follow the multiple treatment schedule and the rest of the instructions to get the most out of the SensEpil system over the long term.

Another thing to keep in mind is the way the hair follicle responds to being disrupted is also something you should know. The hairs don’t just fall out when you’ve pulsed them with light. Sometimes it may look like the hairs continue to grow after a treatment. But what actually happens is that the dead hairs are being pushed out of the skin until they fall out.

And finally, you have to realize that some people have more melanin, or pigment, in their hair than others. Those who have darker hair can generally expect results faster than those with lighter hair. Just think of it this way, you feel hotter on a sunny day wearing a dark shirt than if you were wearing a white shirt, right? It all has to do with the absorption of the light energy into darker pigments. If more energy is absorbed into a darker hair follicle, chances are that follicle will be disrupted more than a lighter hair follicle.

So now you can understand why the Silk’n people advise that most people should start to notice results after around four treatments and that they should to see significant results after six or so. Maintenance treatments are used to go after those pesky stray hairs that may have been in the transitional or rest stages of growth, or that you just may have missed in the initial treatments.

Our findings have shown that these guidelines are pretty consistent with the typical user, and our own experiences. Kim (the blond in the picture on our homepage!) definitely didn’t have as fast results as Stella (the brunette!). But after consistent dedication to the treatment schedule, she has gotten great results, especially to her fair-haired forearms. Everyone is different, but the SensEpil seems to eventually deliver the desired results!

“I think it more than pays for itself after just one treatment. I had 90% less hair after just one treatment. But, it’s different for everyone. You must stick to the treatment schedule and do at least 7 treatment to get the full benefits. Trust me, it is the same exact results as in the professional places.” – soniafwny on

“I have been using this since February it does work and the hair grows really slowly and is very soft, the down side is that it takes a long time I have read that your hair grows in 3 stages and once you have lasered one stage there is another right behind it, the website said to treat all three stages of hair growth takes around 18 months! but overall I love this machine I dont have to shave as often like maybe once every two weeks, its great well worth it imo I hate shaving.” – emmanuella on forum

How long do the results last? Does the SensEpil cause permanent hair loss?

As with all intense pulsed light systems, the SensEpil system is not a permanent hair removal method, but if used regularly as maintenance, it is a permanent hair reduction method. The SensEpil will permanently reduce the total number of hairs on your body. It just doesn’t permanently remove the hair from your body. Got it? It took us a little while to wrap our heads around that concept, but once you go through the initial hair removal treatments and you are left with the maintenance treatments, you get the idea. Your hair just doesn’t grow back the way it used to. Nowhere near the way it used to!

Things to be aware of when considering the SensEpil

While we love the SensEpil, and many, many other people do too, you should be aware that it’s not the ‘magic pill’ of hair removal and shouldn’t be used by everyone.

Because the SensEpil works best for darker hair types, it isn’t very effective at all for white or grey hairs. It all comes down to the light energy that is absorbed by melanin, and in those hair types, there isn’t much, if any, melanin.

Darker skinned people should not use the SensEpil since melanin is also the pigment responsible for skin color. The light energy emitted by the SensEpil would be absorbed into the skin of darker skinned people, making it unable to target the hair, not to mention how it could damage the skin. Furthermore, if you have lots of dark freckles, you like to tan, or you have tattoos, the SensEpil could irritate your skin (ie. burn it!).

If you now think the SensEpil is right for you, now is the time to get yours.