Shimano 20″ Metallic Folding Bike Review 2018

The Shimano Metallic Alloy Folding Bike is the newest addition to the folding bike family. With four colors available, blue, silver, red and black, you will look stylish on this one of a kind folding bike. When purchasing the bike online, it does come about 90% assembled, the front wheel is not attached to the bike at delivery. With the unique design of the 20″ Shimano folding bike, you can assemble that front wheel in less than 5 minutes with little or no trouble.

The Shimano Metallic Alloy folding bike is the perfect bike if you live in the busy city. This bike can fold down to 38″x14″x29″ in just under 10 seconds. The ride of this bike is amazingly smooth, in part to the Kenda 20″ tires. They absorb many of the roadís imperfections and the smaller wheels allow you better cornering and handling on the busy streets. If you have to take mass transit on your trek, you can fold the Shimano 20″ bike quickly, and then carry it on the bus or train without being a burden to any other riders. Once you get back on the road you can unfold it in seconds and be at your destination in no time at all.

You could be carrying your briefcase in one hand and your Shimano bike in the other as you go to your work station, put it behind your desk and start your day. The convenience of this amazingly inexpensive folding bike far outweighs any of the cons of this bike. For example, you may experience some difficulty with the adjustments needed on the fenders, headset and the tires. If you are not mechanically inclined you may steer away from this type of folding bike. However, in defense of the bike, once you make simple adjustments once or twice, you will be a pro with this metallic alloy folding bike.

The bike is a steal in the $450-$500 price range. You are getting a very good quality bike with a 20″ alloy folding frame, a steel crown fork, and patented Shimano shifters and gear. This folding bike can handle a rider up to 200 lbs., and a height of 5’3″- 6’0″. If you are slightly bigger than 6″, the bike does come with the ability to adjust to an amazing 6’2″ rider height. The brake levers are very comfortable 3 finger type, that are the more popular, and most comfortable. The overall design of the 20″ Shimano Metallic Alloy folding bike is built from the ground up with the rider in mind, not for turning heads.

Again, this bike does have a few things that many new riders may find unfavorable. The bike does not handle high speed very well. So if you are looking to go racing in the mountains or through the countryside, this isn’t the bike for you. Additionally, the bike weighs 34 lbs., and that is very heavy in a folding bike, especially for the ladies to lift in and out of the car everyday.

If you are looking for a bike to help you save money commuting back and forth to work, or just to have some leisure fun on the weekends, than this is the perfect bike for you. The Shimano brand screams quality, and with the overall design, alloy frame, fork, and shifters, you are getting a real quality folding bike. The bike can handle a variety of riders, and will become an instant favorite of yours in no time.