Sevylor Tahiti Inflatable Kayak Review 2018

The Sevylor Tahiti Inflatable Kayak is perfect for a two-person fishing or hunting expedition, or for just enjoying a stroll atop the water on any given afternoon. Ready to go wherever you do, this kayak is constructed from a rugged and heavy duty, 26 gauge PVC, which is easy to inflate, thanks to its two air chambers and the tubular I-beam that provides maximum stability. This comfortable companion allows you to traverse the open stream while providing exceptional back support through its inflatable seats. Move effortlessly and as stealth-like as possible, while enjoying the great outdoors, thanks to the kayak’s fun camouflage color, providing you with low visibility while hunting in marshlands.

The Sevylor Tahiti Inflatable Kayak includes two spray covers for ultimate protection from the elements, as well as the option for a directional skeg, keeping you in control of you movements at all times. This kayak comes equipped with a leak-proof guarantee from the manufacturer, while easily holding up to 400 pounds without issue. Measuring an easy to maneuver 10 feet 9 inches by 2 feet 4 inches, this recreational product is certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

Sevylor Tahiti Inflatable Kayak Features

– Two Person, Inflatable Fishing & Hunting Kayak
– Constructed from Rugged, Heavy-duty 26-gauge PVC
– Two Air Chambers Provide Maximum Security, in Addition to the Tubular I-beam Floor Stability
– Inflatable Seats are Designed for Superior Comfort, Providing Incredible Back Support
– Complete with Two Spray Covers for Excellent Protection
– Stealth Camouflage Design
– Easy to Transport, Inflate and Deflate
– Product Dimensions: 10′ 9″ by 2′ 4″
– Weight Capacity: 400 Pounds
– National Marine Manufacturers Association Certified
– Sevylor Tahiti Inflatable Kayak


One user describes this inflatable kayak as a perfect way to familiarize yourself with the ins and out of traversing the water. He calls the sleek and slim design of the Sevylor Tahiti Inflatable Kayak perfect for two people to fit comfortably, while encouraging extended use every time he inflates it. He calls the inflation process a breeze, saying in a matter of minutes he is out of the water. Whether he is fishing or simply enjoying a quick jaunt around the lake, he never leaves home without the kayak, since it is so incredibly easy to transport. He uses the kayak for hunting season, allowing him a separate angle for maximum gaming opportunities. Since his purchase, and recommendations to friends, at least two of his hunting partners have purchased the same model, allowing them a leg up in the gaming world as well.

Another user purchased the Sevylor Tahiti Inflatable Kayak to encourage his kids to spend more time on the lake, and to take in the beautiful outdoor habitat of their summer home. He says that since its purchase, his kids are enjoying fishing and gaming from sun up to sun down and he could not be happier with their appreciation of the vessel. He looks forward to purchasing a second one for him and his wife to join in the festivities, as it is becoming more and clearer that the kids are not parting with the first one!