Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak Review 2018

The Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package provides a premier kayaking experience in a simple, included, easy to carry bag! This incredible sporting venture is within reach, and completely portable, with the inflation of the kayak. All you have to do is carry this effortless and complete sporting bag to your kayaking destination, inflate the kayak, paddle to your heart’s content, enjoying the water and scenery on the go, while simply deflating it at the end of the day, packing it back up and hitting the road. This unbelievable package includes inflatable spray skirts, inflatable front and rear seats for two people to enjoy the water at once, two oars, a trustworthy foot pump, keeping you reliably in action at all times, and an arduous carrying bag that allows you to pack up and go on a whim. A pressure gauge and repair kits are also included with your purchase.

The Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak allows you to enjoy the water, whether you are kayaking alone, or with a friend or two, with its perfect three person capacity, this kayak is comprised of a puncture-resistant, extraordinarily thick K-80 PVC, 38 millimeter polykrylar material that is strong enough to withstand the pressure of dog claws with piercing. Additionally, the craft weighs a mere 32 pounds, making it the perfect pack and play date for you and your friends. Do not be fooled by its slight weight, this incredibly strong kayak is rugged enough to endure up to 650 pounds at a time! This recreational beauty interior measures 10 feet, 8 inches by 1 foot, 1 inch, with the exterior measuring 12 feet, 6 inches by 2 feet, 10inches. This outrigger has nine-inch tubes, I-beam construction, and high-frequency welded seams. This kayak can be completely inflated and on the water in eight, quick minutes!

Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak Features

– Three Person Inflatable Kayak Package
– Ultra-portable 32 Pounds
– 650 Pound Load Capacity
– Comprised of Puncture-resistant, Extraordinarily-thick, K-80 Polykrylar Hull Material
– Strong Enough to Withstand Dog Claws without Puncturing
– Nine-inch Tubes, I-beam Construction, and High-frequency Welded Seams for Durability
– Includes Inflatable Spray Skirts, Inflatable Front and Rear Seats, Two Oars, Dependable Foot Pump, and All-encompassing Tote Bag
– Limited Three-year Manufacturer’s Warranty Included with Purchase
– Self-bailing Drain Valve
– Two Skegs on Bottom, Optimizing Tracking and Speed
– Includes Pressure Gauge and Repair Kit
– Interior Measurements: 10 feet, 8 inches by 1 foot, 1 inch
– Exterior Measurements: 12 feet, 6 inches by 2 feet, 10 inches

Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak Reviews

One user could not believe that she finally found an inflatable kayak that would withstand the weight, and very sharp claws of her 100 Labrador. She has always taken her dog camping with her, and just figured an inflatable kayak was out of the question until now.

Another user purchased the kayak for his three kids to tag along when he and his wife kayak. He loves that it holds all three of them, and he knows its composition will keep them safe as they head out onto the lake.