Sarah Peyton 10-Inch Queen Memory Foam Firm Support Mattress with 2 Contour Pillows Review 2018

Sarah Peyton is one of the rare sincere players in the market who states technical specification about the materials and technologies along with results. This gives a lot of confidence for educated customer to go for it over other leading brands.

The 10 inch queen memory foam firm support mattress is a default choice for arthritis patients, people suffering from knee or joint pain and spinal problems.

The 2.5 inch viscoelastic foam top is a key component of the product. The viscoelastic design principle is the NASA specified standard of designing the correct memory foam mattress.

One of the notable points about this variety of Sarah Peyton is the usage of “sleep zone technology” which is a patented process of Sarah Peyton. While all other brands claim to give a smooth sleeping experience they actually capitalize the basic memory foam mattress feature. The sleep zone technology actually eliminates the impurities in the manufacturing process itself and thereby is probably the best possible answer today in using memory foam mattress from environmental as well as user health perspective.

Sarah Peyton 10-Inch Queen Memory Foam Firm Support Mattress Features and Specifications

– 10-inch thick mattress with 4-pound density; comes with 2 contour pillows
– Pressure-relieving design uses 2.5- inch viscoelastic foam top layer with 7.5-inch base foam
– 100 percent hypoallergenic
– Vacuum-packed for cleanliness
– Resistant to mold, mildew and odour-causing germs
– Zippered velour mattress cover is ultra-soft and easily removed for washing
– Never needs turning; works with box springs or platforms; 60 by 80 by 10 inches
– Weight about 60 pounds or 27.5 Kilogram

The Review

Sarah Peyton enjoys probably the best word of mouth review in the market. It is associated with specialist mattress, pillow and other memory foam products. The Queen Memory one is a hot and established product in the market among the genre of 10 inch memory mattress family.

Like the entire memory foam mattress, this one too has some mixed reviews about temperature discomfort while using it for more than 3 hours. However, the numbers of complaints are relatively smaller as compared to some of the other leading brands.

It takes a relatively more time to get free from chemical gases and associated smells. It is recommended to keep it open for 72 hours before using it first time. If you do not allow the time, you might have to live with obnoxious smell or other complaint for a very long time. So please be aware and patient! It works very slowly if you use it even for a single time and decide to give the time afterwards.

The therapeutic power of Queen is almost amazing as it seems from the review. While other product reviews states “much less pain”, “much better” etc. some of the Queen reviews states “disappears completely”! It has to be something related to the design for which Sarah Peyton is respected.

There is a general perception about Queen being more firm or less soft than some other. This is partially true. At the same time, the firmness is optimal and is a good balance between the health, sleeping comfort and technology. All in on, go for it closing your eyes only give 72 hours before using it first time. You will happy about the best memory foam mattress for your need.