Ryobi Impact Driver Review 2018

The Ryobi Impact Driver comes with built in power as it offers the ability to put out 1200 in/pounds in torque when using it. This tool allows for you to be able to use it when doing even the toughest job. When using the impact driver, you are able to switch bits quite easily as it offers ¼ inch quick coupler.

If you are going to be doing a job that requires long screws or a job that will require lag bolts, you will like that the impact driver offers a unique impact mechanism. This is designed to help you when participating in a job that requires either of these items. If you are concerned that this tool will not live up to the job that you will be doing or will last for a long time, the die cast front gear unit is made to withstand the toughest jobs and to last a long time.

Your forward and reverse selector is situated in a location that allows easy access to it and that will allow you to work easily while using the tool. Your variable speed trigger will help you to loosen and tighten even the tightest screws. If you find that you are holding a tool for a long period of time and that your hands get tired easily, the tight grip cushion handle is made for your support and comfort.

Here are some great features of Ryobi Impact Driver:

– No load speed:0-2400 r/min
– Blow Per Minutes: 3500 BPM

At the base of your Ryobi Impact Driver, you will have storage space that allows for easy storage of driver bits and is located at the base of your drill/impact driver. This convenient location will hold a number of bits at one time. This allows you to have the bits when you need them rather than digging in your toolbox to find them.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about Ryobi Impact Driver:

Impact has allot more power than a drill, great for driving deck screws or even light automotive work in the shop. It won’t take you wheels off so don’t try but when you have to take 24 screws out of a radiator shroud it is handier than air, no hose. I have quite a few of the Ryobi set I know they are not dewalt but for half the price and occasional use they fit the bill nicely. (By A. Stoldt)

– Review Paraphrased for size –

Overall, the Ryobi Impact Driver is well worth the money that you will spend on it when compared to other name brand models. The fact that it is 18V and that is only weighs 3 and a half pounds is just an added bonus.

When you purchase the Ryobi Impact Driver, you will need to purchase the battery and the charger separately as this unit is sold as your bare essentials. This unit is one of the bare bone units but since the price is so low compared to others who do the same job, it’s well worth purchasing them separately.