Roomba 610 Review

Designed for small business owners or those with larger areas to clean, the Roomba 610 Professional Series vacuum cleaning robot covers up to 4 rooms on a single battery charge.

The iRobot Roomba 610 Professional Series also has extra brushes, filters and cleaning tools plus a convenient storage case to organize and store the accessories and sweeping bin in one place. Durable paint and bumper guards provide a scratch resistant finish to the iRobot Roomba 610 and more protection for furniture and obstacles.

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When the regular capacity debris bin is full, it took about five minutes to clean it,including the filters, the brush and roller area. It would have taken less time if I had checked out how to re-insert the brush and roller before I actually popped them out.

Here are some great features of the Roomba 610:

  • Vacuuming robot efficiently picks up dirt, debris, pet hair, dust, allergens and more from carpets and hard floors
  • Designed for small business owners or those with larger areas to clean
  • Cleans the whole floor, under and around furniture, into corners and along wall edges
  • Schedule up to seven cleaning times per week; 3 cleaning modes
  • Measures 17 by 18 by 5 inches; 2-year limited warranty

I am amazed at what the iRobot Roomba 610 picks up. And boy does it go for awhile without having to be emptied. The spot clean feature is great for small areas which I love that and use often.

I needed something to clean several rooms in my house. They are large rooms, so I wanted something like the iRobot 610 to make efficient use of my time. Being a mom of three, I needed help against dirt and dust while still having my arms free for my children.

You need a piece of equipment to take care of large areas, by efficiently vacuuming up any dirt, dust, debris, allergens and more.
If you have pets, it will eliminate the overwhelming amount of pet hair on the floor. It’s extremely user friendly, all you do is press clean and the iRobot 610 will do the rest.

There are three different modes: clean, max, or spot, and each will take to its specialty. In the standard mode the iRobot 610 works a room after it has calculated the size.
The max mode cleans until the battery is dead, while the spot mode cleans a specific area of up to three feet in diameter. Another nice feature is that you can set when you would like the iRobot 610 to clean so you’re free to do what you want. When you get back you will arrive to a nice clean room.

It’s also nice how the vacuum can slide underneath beds, couches or other difficult areas to reach. Not only does it clean the floor, it also has a spinning side brush to tackle any gathered debris in the corners or along the baseboards.
The sturdy bristle brush goes deep into carpet fibers to remove dirt, and the fine filter trap grabs dust and pollen. The iRobot 610 knows what it is doing, if a certain area is dirtier then it spends a little more time making sure it’s clean.

The downfall is it can’t clean continuously like an electric vacuum. It will do its work while the battery is charged, and once its run flat it will need to be recharged. The vacuum also requires a certain amount of cleaning, which means taking apart brushes, front wheel and dust bin. This will have to be done each time, which can be an annoyance.

None of the negatives bothered me though, as the iRobot 610 helps me from being overwhelmed. Knowing my floors are clean for my family and all I have to do is push start removes a lot of stress and effort.

Here’s some of the benefits we discovered –

  • iRobot does all the vacuuming for you.
  • You don’t have to be there and it will still vacuum.
  • There’s no bag.
  • Clean Floors With Minimal Effort
  • Vacuums up dirt, debris, pet hair, allergens, etc.
  • Can detect dirty areas and will spend more time there.

The iRobot 610 is one of the newest Roombas on the market. It is part of the Roomba Professional Series by iRobot. It is an automatically run vacuum cleaner. The battery charge on the vacuum will last four rooms.

It can go in those hard to reach areas, like under furniture, into corners as well as along the walls to remove dust and dirt.

It has a high-capacity sweeper bin so it has the ability to pick up a lot more dirt and debris. You will no longer need to worry about pet hairs and allergens as the iRobot 610 removes them all without you having to lift a finger.

The iRobot 610 has a bristol brush and a beater brush that work together like a dustpan and brush. The suction device on the vacuum picks up all the debris and dirt and deposits it in the sweeper bin. The Roomba has the capability to automatically sense its surroundings and avoid obstacles. It even returns to its charging base automatically when it is finished sweeping.

The Roomba has industrial-strength paint and bumpers so that it will not scratch up appliances or be damaged itself. The max mode is for cleaning larger areas or areas that are dirtier and have heavier traffic. The spot mode cleans smaller areas. The iRobot 610 comes with one extra bristle brush, one extra beater brush, two extra side brushes, two extra filters and two brush-cleaning tools.

The unit is priced at around $600. It comes with a two-year warranty. Most people who have used the Roomba are extremely pleased with its performance. You can schedule in seven cleaning times per week, so the machine is sturdy and durable. The vacuum comes with two virtual wall lighthouses that prevent it from going into restricted areas.

In conclusion, the iRobot 610 is an automatic vacuum cleaner that will do the floors for you while you work on other areas of your home of office. It is a sturdy, rechargeable vacuum cleaning that does the work for you.

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