RioRand Black Two Wheels Mini Smart Self Balancing Electric Sports Electric Scooters Review 2018

Product Description

RioRand was one of the first to introduce the hoverboard to the United States. With a high price point and that “cool new gadget” feel, these hoverboards quickly caught on with celebrities like Justin Bieber, Whiz Khalifa and others. RioRand is known for its quality hoverboards and has maintained the high standard (but also the high price). RioRand was an obvious first choice for our review and after 1 year, it is still going strong.

Product Name: Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooters with a Bag and Bluetooth Headphone
Rank: #1
Brand: RioRand
Range: 10 miles
Top Speed: 10 mph



Full metal Alloy body
Unit Weight: 27 lbs
Incline climbing: 15 degrees
Max speed: 10Mph
Range: 10 miles
Total Recharge Time: 2 hours

Our Review

Being one of the first brands on the market put this at the top of our list. RioRands can be expensive but if what you get is a truly quality product that lasts and lasts, it is worth it.


Long Useful Life – We’ve had our RioRand for almost a year now and it is still working perfectly well and able to live up to the Max Range of 10 miles.
Perfect Power – White some other hoveboards are either too powerful or not powerful enough, our RioRand falls right in the sweet spot of power. It’s enough to get you going, but not so much you could get hurt.


Responsiveness – RioRand is not as responsive to user commands as other brands. Changing direction while moving forward will take more leaning and bodyweight shifting than with other brands.
Stopping Distance – Did someone step in front of you and you need to make a quick stop? RioRand won’t halt you as quickly as other brands. We found the stopping distance to be several inches longer compared to other brands.

Overall Opinion: 5 Stars, Best Value for your Money

RioRand offers one of the best values of any hoverboards out there. You get long life, quality power and a brand you can trust for a much more reasonable price than other brands. We highly recommend RioBrand.