Razor E200 Electric Scooter Review 2018

Similar to the E100 and E300 models, in terms of appearance Razor E200 looks just like a classic push scooter. But of course this one is actually electrically powered, but still friendly to the environment as the machine is rechargeable and the motor engages a super quiet chain-driven operation. Like all Razor products, this one also has a sturdy look; its full size deck and frame are really designed for teenage users with ages 12 and older, with the weight of 220 lbs. From what I learnt, adults can actually ride on this sleek scooter as long as they aren’t weight more its maximum capability.

Razor E200 works for a quite heavy duty, as it can stay on for up to 45 minutes with maximum speed of 12 miles per hours when the battery is fully charged. The speed is quite moderate for a vehicle, but just enough for your young riders to have fun around the neighborhood without the worry of hazards on the road. Charging the batteries will only need about 8 hours, so prior to use perhaps you can suggest your kids to have it charged at night before bed that on the next day both them and their vehicles are going to be ready for some exciting rides. With about 45 minutes cruising, you can actually ask your kids to grab something at a nearby convenience store or simply let them visit their friends around the neighborhood without the fear of running out of power on their way home.

More Features for Razor E200

The smooth cruising of this scooter is allowed by its 8-inch pneumatic tires, the hand operated rear brake, and the twit grip throttle acceleration. The purchase of this item comes with a pair of 12-volt batteries, a charger and a couple tools you can use to assemble or disassemble the scooter, especially when you wish to fold it up for easy storage and transport.

Although the item was set for children with 12 years of age, this is actually not a kind of restricted requirements for those who wish to ride the electric scooter. From what I noticed the keys are the riders responsibility to make a safe ride according to certain regulations on the street and their basic ability to ride a bike. I saw many parents bought this item for their 8 or 9 year olds without any serious problem. Even parents themselves can jump up and ride on it as long as their weights are sufficient to the scooters strength. However, pay serious attention about safety if you think your kids are too young for the vehicles, make sure they ride it with an adult supervision, plus with safety equipments to wear. Helmets and knee or elbow pads are recommended. Even riding a normal bike can cause accident to anyone, let alone this electric scooter with its fascinating speed.

Be careful when riding on uphill or downhill surfaces; also don’t turn it on its side as it can break the parts. For low ground clearance, you can find difficulties riding the scooter so you need to teach your kids on what will happen if they try to drive it up or down a curb. With reasonable amount of care or an absence of stunt riding, they should be fine with their vehicle.

At some occasions, the battery life can actually stand to 1 hour ride, up and down hills, and still running strong after. Perhaps this is related to the weight of the riders, heavier riders might likely take most of your battery life, so let the kids have longer fun with the ride and you shall have no complaint about it. The recharge time can also be significantly less than reported, if you rely on the charger light. It goes from red to green in just a few hours ( less than 8 ) even when it is charged right after returning from each ride as suggested in the manual. So this is probably a good news.

Initial assembling takes about 5 minutes. You might find a little difficulty with the valve stem adapter, which is inside the handle bar grip as mentioned in the instructions. To tackle this problem, you need to flex the valve stem to make it straight before you try to screw on the adapter. It is actually not that difficult, so don’t let it influence your decision to buy the item.

Short Conclusion for Razor E200

The price of Razor E200 is quite reasonable for an electric scooter. You can get it on Amazon, but since the item weighs 45 lbs you may have to pay more for the shipment. Too bad it is only available in green; it should be nice to have color options. But don’t let this affect you much as the sturdiness of this item is more important, besides the electric green is not so bad either.

A couple of things Razor E200 should have if I am allowed to make suggestions are that it should be nicer if you can change the battery without disassembling the whole part. We can always benefit from an extra battery especially if you take the scooter for a longer and more serious ride. So if only we can easily swap the battery to extend the range, this should make a brilliant vehicle. Another thing it should have is probably a locking system which is conveniently attached. Other than getting yourself hassled by wrapping a chain lock around the portion of the frame above the front tire and also to the anchor point, having an attached locking system should be quite handy so you can park your scooter while doing a small shopping in the local convenient store.

When making right hand turns the plastic guard which protects the motor and chain assembly tends to scrape the ground if you lean into the turn too much. This is actually a minor problem especially when you ride on the scooter instead of a 12 year old kid, but it is actually quite annoying. If the part gets scraped often than soon or later it might get damage.

So all in all, Razor E200 is a nice electric scooter. It is quiet, rechargeable, sturdy, fast enough for a fun ride and it gets you or your young ones to where you want to go. This item is really recommended for those who wish for a simple vehicle toy.