Razor E125 Electric Scooter Review 2018

Razor E125 is pretty much a basic electric scooter designed for those who are 8 years of age or older, with the weight of up to 125 pounds. It is equipped with a 125-watt variable-speed motor which allows the scooter to reach the speeds of 10 miles per hour. The speed can be easily controlled with a twist-grip throttle. As for stopping the scooter, you can simply use the hand-operated brake.

To support the power of the motor, this scooter is also equipped with a long-life rechargeable battery which can provide enough power for up to 40 minutes cruising after each charge. You need about 8 hours to recharge the 12-volt sealed lead acid battery fully with the included charger. Each purchase of this scooter will include two 12-volt sealed lead acid batteries, a charger, and tools to assemble/disassemble the scooter.

My Opinion and Review for Razor E125

Most designs of Razor electric scooters are equipped with motors that can propel the scooter from a standing position, but specifically for Razor E125, you will have to travel approximately three miles per hour to get the motor started providing power. You also need to press a trigger on the Razor E125 in order to engage the motor.

The scooter is also equipped with adjustable handlebar so riders with various heights can ride with the scooter. It also enables an easy storage and transport, so you dont need much space to keep the scooter when it is not in use. Similar to E100, the front tire of this scooter is a pneumatic one with eight inches diameter, while the rear wheel is made from polyurethane which measures 125 mm.

Razor E125 is suitable for those who are looking for an entry-level electric scooter. The size and speed is fun enough for safe ride and work just fine with riders of any heights since you can simply adjust the handle bar.

From all the electric scooter I have reviewed, this is the one which resembles E100 the most. It shares the same speed, same length of battery life, types of tires, also requires a kick start, and designed for 8 years old kids and up. But no one is actually use the age requirements, you can let a six year old ride this type of electric scooter as long as they ride finely with bicycle. The only reason why Razor put the age is perhaps regarding to several risk and regulations provided by the local state or federals about the riding and use of scooters. So basically, if you want to give this to kids younger than eight, you need to monitor them while using the scooter and make sure they are just riding it around the neighborhood instead of the main streets.

Regarding the regulations, safety is also a must. In other words, wearing safety equipments while riding the scooter is really recommended. Get your young riders a safety helmet as well as knee or elbow pads for their cruising on the scooter to keep them away from serious hazards. The risk of riding electric scooter and regular bike are actually quite alike, but since this one is machine operated, there are probably things we can hardly control once it gets a malfunction and cannot be stopped manually other than jumping off the scooter. This might sound a bit overrated, but doesnt mean it could not happen. Besides, were talking about the safety of an 8 year old or younger so better be safe than sorry.

It only takes a couple minutes to assemble Razor E125 once you get it out of the package. You can work on it easily by following the provided manuals and using the provided tools, give the battery an initial charging, and then assist your kids for their initial rides. It runs with a good speed and not too fast for young riders. The motor of this scooter has plenty of torque and it also holds a good charge which last about 40 minutes. I found the difference of this model with the E100 is in the driven motor; E100 is belt driven while E125 is chain driven. Perhaps that explains why the scooter can work like a regular kick scooter, once the power gets low.

This scooter is also a fun ride for older riders as long as the weigh less than 120 pounds. I noticed one rider with the age of 20 or older ride this smoothly and excitedly. Again, the required age mentioned by the manufacturers is just a sort of formality. Although older ones might wish for more speed, they have no complaint with this model.

The most complaint that would likely come regarding this item is perhaps about the back tire, which is made of hard polyurethane just like the tires of the regular scooter. It only allows the scooter works on flat surface, and once it no longer as round as it was due to frequent use or perhaps breaking skids, you need to purchase another tire. I dont know if Razor provides the replacements or whether it can be purchased somewhere, but you should think over about the hassle it will cause you once your tires condition is no longer sufficient for a ride.

This is probably a silly complain, but if you want to purchase this scooter and your kids doesn’t like the black and red color, you may have to think about purchasing another model with more color options. It is actually nothing major, just trying to help you make sure that your kids will not complain about the single color this model has. It should be nicer if Razor come up with more options though.

Conclusion Razor E125

Overall, Razor E125 is a nice ride with stylish and sturdy built just like other products from Razors; it also comes with reasonable price, you can get it from Amazon; and works fine for any age. This item is really recommended for anyone who wishes for an easy, fast, fun, and portable vehicle. It is certainly good item to educate your children of an early ride, such as how to ride safely and properly by following the existing regulations.