Razor E100, E200 and E300 Electric Scooter Review 2018

Cruising your neighborhood and your town without breaking a sweat paints an attractive picture. Razor USA offers three electric scooters for people of all ages and sizes to enjoy the ease and thrill of getting around town without the hassle of fueling and maintaining a car. Whether you choose the Razor E100 electric scooter, Razor E200 electric scooter or the Razor 300 electric scooter depends largely on your size and age. Each model has a common durable base that makes these electric scooters comparable in quality and performance.

What is the Best Scooter for You?

All three scooters are designed with reasonably robust front and rear pneumatic tires for uniform riding over varied surfaces such as gravel, cement or blacktop. Each scooter has a chain driven motor for reliable power motion. The built-in battery packs on all three models allow a minimum of forty minutes of continuous use, and you won’t have to charge any of them for longer than twelve hours to refill a battery to full.

One plus is the easy, twist-grip throttle on the E100, E200 and E300 for reliable speed control in any conditions. All models still use sealed lead-acid battery pack technology, but having said that it does deliver power for cruising speeds between ten and fifteen miles per hour. If your life takes place in a tight-knit community, say goodbye to gassing up a car. Your Razor electric scooter will take you wherever you need to be. Or if you simply want an electric scooter for some trips, and to have fun riding, these inexpensive models provide the perfect option.

Parents who want to give their children a reliable mode of transportation to and from school might look to the Razor E100 electric scooter as the best option. The E100 differs from the E200 and E300 series in several ways. It is specifically designed for younger children, ages 8 to 12. Its maximum load capacity of 120lbs. is just right for children and the safety feature of a kick-start motor ensures fewer riding accidents. Unlike the E200 and E300 series, the E100 needs a three mph kick motion to engage its motor. Once the motor engages, the scooter is operable by its twist-throttle handle.

For older riders the Razor E200 electric scooter may be a better option. It can achieve top speeds of 12 mph, 2 mph greater than the 100 series, and needs no kick start to engage the motor. More importantly, the E200 has a frame designed to carry riders weighing up to 220 lbs., which means the average adult can easily use this scooter for all his or her needs.

Riders who want the most speed and the strongest scooter frame might still be drawn beyond the E200 to the E300. With the Razor E300 electric scooter you’ll be cruising town at top speeds of 15 mph on enlarged tires. Unlike the 100 and 200 series, which have 8” tires, the Razor E300 has upgraded 10” tires to allow riders to cruise over rougher surfaces with the same smooth drive. The E300 still has a rider maximum weight of 220 lbs., but the super sized rider deck provides a greater comfort for bigger and taller riders.

Regardless of which scooter you choose to purchase, you’ll get the Razor experience. All three models have the easy folding handlebar mechanism for quick, compact storage. Enjoy the same, simple wall charging with standard outlet systems, and make daily riding as easy as plugging the scooter in every night before bed.

Benefits of an Electric Scooter

It won’t matter if you’re reasons for riding an electric scooter are to cut down on the expense of fossil fuels or to have an easy solution to short distance commutes, these scooters will save you money and travel time. At an initial investment of only several hundred dollars, you’ll purchase a scooter that takes you everywhere you need to go without draining your wallet at the pump. Remember to wear proper padding when riding your electric scooter, and relish a thrilling ride. So whether you choose the Razor E100 electric scooter, the Razor E200 electric scooter or the Razor E300 electric scooter you’ll be getting a piece of kit that is one of the best sellers in North America.