ProForm 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer Review 2018

If you are after shaping up your physique, you are certainly looking for trainer bike. Indoor trainer is useful when you want to save time, and you don’t want to travel to gym. You can also stay at home doing exercise in all weather conditions. Cycling indoor isn’t like riding on the road in varying terrain and opposing wind. You can ride the cycle at home if you want to avoid wind and traffic. Indoor cycling gives best exercise experience in short time. You have total control on your time and space. It is very convenient to cycle at home.

ProForm 290 SPX provides the best impact workout with integrated shock absorbing system. It provides good inclination to indoor exerciser. You can have the topnotch exercise with the indoor cycle trainer. It is build to deliver the best cardiovascular exercise. The 290 SPX is suitable for everyone who needs fitness. The cycle trainer is fitted with nonslip handlebars, which help you hold the bike in perfect position most suitable to you.

The trainer has pedal cages for stability and good control while riding the cycle. You can flip the pedals easily for intense workouts. The SPX 290 uses chain drive system for best riding experience. The drive chain runs the wheel smoothly without you noticing the rotation. It is very comfortable ride. The trainer can support capacity of 250 lbs. it is of the size 48.6 x 46.5 x 19.9 inches in width, height, and depth respectively. It is warranted for five years on frame and 90 days on parts and service.

ProForm is the most trusted brand of cycle manufacturers, and it is not only specialized in treadmills, but on exercise bikes such as elliptical trainers to cycle trainers. Almost all the workout gear you can have from ProForm innovative design and technology.

ProForm 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer Features

  • Cycle trainer is designed to provide users of all fitness levels a challenging, fat-burning cardiovascular workout in as little time as possible
  • Adjustable, nonslip handlebars and padded seat that adjusts horizontally and vertically enable you to quickly set custom riding position
  • Chain drive system delivers smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride, and conveniently placed water bottle holder helps you stay hydrated
  • Includes built-in transport wheels to accommodate moving from place to place, and has 250-pound maximum weight capacity
  • Limited five-year manufacturer’s warranty on frame and limited 90-day manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor
  • Measures 48.6 x 46.5 x 19.9 inches (W x H x D)

ProForm 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer Reviews

Some customers have expressed their views on ProForm 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer to be very fine. It was easy to set the pace, resistance, and you can easily maintain equal stretches between cycles. The bike is worth the cost and it delivered best value to the exercise enthusiast. Most customers were satisfied with the indoor trainer bike. It is less expensive compared to other gym bikes and home exercise bikes. It has another good feature, the seat which is also comfortable. The bike is so simple for regular workouts and should fit your home.