Preserve food naturally by using Excalibur 3900W Dehydrator  Review 2018

The dehydrator is an engineered device that helps in removing water from fruits and vegetables and/or even the environment to a certain extent. Such accumulation of water leads to the creation and development of moisture, causing the food items to be stale and unhealthy for consumption. Hence, all the people who buy vegetables in bulk or are into home gardening prefer buying and installing a dehydrator at their homes. Therefore, Excalibur 3900W Dehydrator has been introduced in the market, considering the increasing importance of this systematic device.

Following are the 4 best features of this product:

1) Large in size:
As compared to the other Dehydrators, Excalibur has been made in a large size along with 9 easy to clean Polyscreen trays and a sufficient 15 square feet of drying space; allowing you to store and preserve fruits and vegetables without letting them stick to the trays. It consists of a 7 inch fan that helps in protecting the items from being tasteless and unhygienic for consumption.

2) Thermostat:
Thermostat is a scientific temperature sensing device that automatically responds to the temperature changes by switching on or off according to the requirements. Excalibur consists of an adjustable Thermostat that lets you be stress free since there is no need to set any temperature in this dehydrator again and again.

3) Large families:
If you have a large family and/or a large garden then this product is a must own for you. In a large family, every member has his own choice of what vegetable or fruit he or she wishes to eat. Hence, this is the best device that would protect everyone’s tongue delights from being stale.

4) Switch:
Unlike the other dehydrators that need to be switched on or off according to the requirements, this product comes with a timer and a built in on-off switch that lets you set the duration for which it needs to dehydrate the items. When the timer ends the time limit, the machine automatically switches off.

This product is only 19 x 17 x 12.5 inches in size, with an approximate weight of 22 pounds (weight fluctuates in shipping due to its packaging)


* This product acts as the best gift to allow your loved ones eat healthy and fresh food
* It constantly maintains the aroma and taste of the items being dehydrated in it
* Excalibur has more than 5 years of warranty
* It allows the user to store good amount of stuff at a time due to its large space
* It lets the user preserve food naturally, without the use of any chemical preservatives


* It is available in limited colors
* This product is said to be a little noisy

Consumer Ratings:

Out of all the customers who have bought this product, 97% of them have adored it and more than 80% of them have rated this with 5 stars, commenting it to be one of the best dehydrators they have ever used, especially appreciating the size and unique features.

Thanks to the technology, some products help in changing our lives as well as lifestyle. We never realize the importance of such products until we purchase, use and experience the changes these products cause. One of such products is a dehydrator, which preserves the quality of fruits and vegetables in such a way, that you feel like calling them – farm fresh!