Powerboard by HOVERBOARD – 2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter Review 2018

Product Description

Powerboard came onto the hoverboard market only a few short months ago and quickly became one of the best selling hoverboards on Amazon. It ranks in the top 50 for Sports & Outdoor products (things like tents and camping gear and soccer balls) and been racking up positive reviews left and right.

Product Name: Powerboard by HOVERBOARD – 2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter

Rank: #2
Brand: PowerBoard
Range: 12 miles
Top Speed: 8 mph


Scratch Resistant Plastic
Unit Weight: 28 lbs
Incline climbing: 13 degrees
Max speed: 8 mph
Max Weight: 220 lbs
Range: 12 miles
Total Recharge Time: 1 hours

Our Review

Powerboard is a new player in the hoverboard world and with an elevated price compared to other brands, we wanted to see if this board is worth the extra money. After 2 month of use, the battery is still going strong and the effective range has not decreased.Overall Powerboard provides a standard hoverboard experience when ranked against our standards. However, a few areas made this board stand out from the rest.


Impeccable Quality – Everything about Powerboard screams quality. From the box it arrived in, to the look and feel of the board, to wheels and construction. Powerboard gives you a high quality look and feel that other cheaper boards are missing the mark on.
Range – Most hoverboards have a range of about 10 miles but Powerboard has an operating range of 12 miles. When you combine this with a lower recharge time (see below) you are getting an overall better battery and charging experience.
Recharge Time– Powerboard gets a full battery charge in 1 hour vs the 2 hour standard for most other boards while beating standard operating range (12 miles). This means less waiting when your hoverboard runs out of power.


Price – Powerboard makes you pay for their quality. Powerboard has a superior product but you pay a large premium compared to other brands. If you want the best board, you’ll be paying more for it
Top Speed – While power board my try to convince you otherwise, 8 mph is not the “fastest” hoverboard. In fact, it lags behind other boards that go up to 10 or even 15 mph. One thing to keep in mind however is how many times you will need to go 10-15mph. In our several years of experience, we have gone above 8mph on only a handful of occasions. The value majority of your usage will likely be around 4-7 mph.

Overall Opinion: 4.5 Stars, The Best Board but Expensive

Powerboard offers by far the best board for quality and stability. However, that excellence comes at a significant price which is why we reduced the star rating by 0.5 stars. You will get a better board with Powerboard, but you can get excellent boards for a lower price. We recommend Powerboard.