Porter-Cable PC18ID Impact Driver Review 2018

If you are looking for an impact driver that will last for several years, this Porter-Cable PC18ID Impact Driver is the perfect buy. It comes with a tool kit that is truly a complete package aside from the fact that is really affordable. This product will deliver you the highest performance that it can bring in. You will never ask for more with this one of a kind tool.

Who Could Buy/ Benefit from This Product?

Every homeowner is unanimously known to necessitate the benefit of an excellent power drill. Whether you are home do-it-yourself enthusiast who want to make use of it for your home’s maintenance to get the job done without having to ask for a skilled person to do it for you or even tough carpentry tasks, this Porter-Cable PC18ID Impact Driver is right choice for you. It is also designed for those professional and non-professional carpenters, crafters, electricians, contractors and the likes. Porter-Cable PC18ID Impact Driver is an essential tool that will be your best friend in doing tasks that you can never imagine doing it yourself before.

Product Description

Porter-Cable PC18ID Impact Driver has 218 volt NiCd impact/drill driver and 2 tool kit that consist of PC1800D driver/drill and the PC1800ID impact cordless driver. It is a mishmash that supplies the highest performance of the motor backed up by loaded sets of features crafted to do a wide range of jobs. This flexibility makes this kit perfect for everyone. It has a 12 inches metal hurl, which provides dependable torque control used for lashing screws of various sizes. The high performance gear box and motor transports up to 440 pounds of torque. It can also transport 1,600 inches to pounds torque, which is very high in output without any kickback. The quick release hex chuck measuring 1 / 4 inches is for changing the accessory easily and the speed varied trigger transports control in all tasks to be done at the maximum. This Porter-Cable PC18ID Impact Driver also has a LED integrated work light, which aids in working even in dark areas. Aside from the device, the kit also consists of 2 PC18B NiCd durable batteries, a PCMVC 60-minute NiCd fast charger, a tool bag, a bit that is double ended and a #2 Phillips bit screw driver.

Porter-Cable PC18ID Impact Driver Features and Specifications

– The driver/drill has a double speed gear box for tasks that are tough; the low gear provides heavy duty applications for screw driving that possess high torque while the high gear allows faster drilling with RPM
– The driver/drill’s motor performance is high and the gear box transports maximum 440 inches to pounds of torque
– The driver/drill’s ½ inches sole sleeve chuck provides exemplary durability and retention of bit
– Transports 1, 600 inches to pounds torque of high output without any kickback
– Dual Porter cable 18 V NiCd batteries supply extended running time for bigger tasks


This product is a beast in a positive manner. The drill clutch will most probably amaze you that it can fasten in bolts without even over pressuring. It will be easy for you to put and remove the bits that it will save you from extreme time consumption. This device spins unimaginably fast that you can even use it to remove 10mm bolts of a car’s parts. It also charges very quickly and the price is really worth it. It is comfortably compact, but it can manage a task and finish it with its very high-performance. Its extreme power will make you shake your head with a firm nod.


There is a very little downside found, but it will surely not affect the product’s quality. The LED light is situated only on the impact driver, which is better if the drill has the same too. But this fact is not considered as an irregularity for this product since it will not affect the quality and performance of your power drill. With the price fairly set, you will never be dissatisfied when you purchase it.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Porter-Cable PC18ID Impact Driver reviews show an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars. The scores given only shows that buying this product will never be a discontentment on the consumer’s part. It proves to be a smart decision to purchase this product. Out of 22 reviewers, 18 of them gave 5 stars while 3 of them gave 4 stars, which make this product a highly recommended tool for everyone.


The Porter-Cable PC18ID Impact Driver is indeed a superior product amongst tools of this kind. It is a very durable device that will surely serve you for several years and allow you to get rid of the other brands that have disposable devices. You will never have to constantly purchase an impact driver since this is a long lasting and enduring device that also works excellently.