OnGuard Beast 5016L Bicycle Chain Lock Review 2018

OnGuard Beast 5016L Bicycle Chain Lock is probably the best chain bike lock developed so far with each component from the chain to the lock made with quality and security in mind.

Generally chain locks are considered not very reliable – the rule is to use it as an additional protective lock to improve the effect of U-locks. But OnGuard Beast 5016L Bicycle Chain Lock is the exception to all the rules. Well, what can protect your bike better than a heavy chain weighing more than ten pounds?

If you find a way to cope with its heaviness when you can congratulate yourself on having an exceptionally reliable bike lock – the chain links are almost impossible to cut through even with the most powerful bolt cutters. The thing is that the hex links are made of steel and their efficiency is improved with titanium reinforcements at that. Note that as a rule the chain links have tubular links. The hex ones are sure to confuse would-be bike thieves.

The lock is no less severe than the chain. The quality of the lock ensures its smooth operation. The lock features Quattro as well as Dual lock mechanisms.

Since having such an impressive price tag OnGuard Beast 5016L Bicycle Chain Lock is more of a life-time investment there are numerous details that ensure the lock’s durability such as rubber caps as well as vinyl coating on a lock, and the chain finish keeping it safe from water and heat. And the cylinder is protected with a rotating dust cover. In addition to that there is a protective covering to prevent the scratching of the bike.

If you choose a variation with a longer chain you can even trust your motorcycle to OnGuard Beast 5016L Bicycle Chain Lock.

It is fairly heavy but if you are looking for a lock for home use this is perhaps the best option. However the sportiest cyclists may find it convenient enough to carry in their backpack.

The bike thieves have long figured out the way to cut through chain locks. They do have tools to deal with usual chains, but OnGuard Beast 5016L Bicycle Chain Lock is certainly an unusual one.

This marvelous chain lock certainly takes your mind off the worrying about the security of your bicycle. And the peace of mind is something that you can’t put a price on.

It looks so amazingly spectacular that it makes your bike not only protected but also stylish.


It is a good idea to buy OnGuard Beast 5016L Bicycle Chain Lock if you are looking for a lock that you will store in a place where you frequently leave you bike. If you don’t mind carrying a twenty-pound bike lock do not hesitate to buy it for everyday use as well. The quality of the item and the security it provides is unbeatable.

Product description:

Chain diameter: 14mm
Weight: 20 pounds
Chain length: 53 in


Stylish and intimidating-looking
Hex links make the chain hard to handle with the thieves’ usual tools
Long-lasting materials and other tricks increasing durability
Comes with a cover preventing scratching


The length of the chain doesn’t allow much flexibility – there are variations with longer chains.