Nesco FD-80 Dehydrator Review 2018 – dry food easily

A food dehydrator is an awesome device specially used in food preservation especially in the case of fruits, vegetables and animal products. Drying of food gets rid of the excess water that would have facilitated the growing of extremely dangerous microorganisms such as aflatoxin which is fatal when consumed. Food dehydration is one of the safest and cheapest ways to preserve food for future use.

Food dehydrators come in handy for this purposes. There are a variety of food dehydrators available. All have different specifications, shapes, sizes and prices. They come in different models but are equally good in terms of functionality and quality.

Here we recommend Nesco FD-80A dehydrator. It is a sizable 9.9 pound dehydrator that is extremely easy to use.

Why you should pick it

  • It has a total of 8 trays used for drying hence the capacity is great if you have a sizeable amount of product that you would like to dry meaning that it is also faster since you can do a lot within a short period of time
  • It is extremely efficient it uniformly dries up food leaving a consistent taste during consumption and the amazing part is that you do not have to keep interfering with the trays during the entire process.
  • It has a fair pricing making it extremely affordable and a worthy investment since with the food you will preserve you will probably save more.
  • It does not cause noise pollution as it only silently hums when on, this will ensure that you enjoy your peace and quiet as you dehydrate.
  • The thermostat which basically controls its temperature is extremely safe in that they are zero chances of increasing or decreasing of temperature due to a technical error.
  • You do not necessarily have to oil the trays before dehydration because under optimum dehydration temperature your food will not stick of the tray.
  • It is conveniently small and compact making it extremely portable
  • It also comes with a well scripted recipe book to guide you through the dehydration of different food products hence you do not have to feel lost while operating this awesome machine.
  • Its shape is convenient in the sense that it can accommodate more food quantities unlike those that are round in shape

Its disadvantages

  • The trays provide quite a challenge during washing up especially after dehydration of sticky fruits like kiwi. It is advisable to use a mesh to avoid food sticking to the sides of the tray
  • An important element lacks from the device, the power button, this means that it is switched on and off by plugging in and out respectively.
  • It also does not have a timing option hence you cannot set it up for a number of hours or minutes. You have to be physically present to monitor the entire process.

With all of the above considered I would most definitely recommend this awesomeness because it is worth every penny.