MySolarBackup Review 2018

The MySolarBackup portable solar generator is really the unit that put solar generators on the map.  It is the only solar generator to combine consumer level pricing with business class performance.  It will cost you roughly 1/6th the price of the other solar generators on the market.  So the question is, at such a supreme discount, can it stand up to the other solar generators from a performance perspective (SPOILER ALERT: the answer is “yes”).

The first question that I’m sure is going to come to mind is how MySolarBackup could possibly get their price down so low while still maintaining a good level of quality.  We were curious about this as well, so we made some calls.

MySolarBackup is actually a subsidiary of Solutions From Science, a multi-million dollar power/science corporation.  Using that big name and funding, they were able to approach well respected battery and invert companies like Xantrex and strike up contracts for bulk production of the products, meaning significantly cheaper prices on what is normally a niche and expensive product.  This is how MySolarBackup was able to provide significantly cheaper prices than their competitors while at the same time using parts that are actually superior.

With that little bit of history out of the way, let’s move on to the actual review.


One of the major features of the MySolarBackup unit is their custom designed solar panels, which use micro-crystal technology to capture more solar energy with a smaller panel.  This helps keep the unit relatively small and portable.  Additionally, unlike some other solar generators that we’ve reviewed here, there is only one unit that attached to the solar panel meaning it is a lot less stuff to move around.

I don’t want to get carried away here.  This unit isn’t something that you’re going to want to move around every five minutes.  It still has some heft and bulk to it, though it’s much less than the other solar generators on the market.  Tossing it into the back of a truck or SUV is no problem, nor is moving it closer to a particular appliance you want to use.


Aside from price, this is really the main category of importance for most solar generator buyers.  And just like the price category, MySolarBackup really dominates here.  With the other solar generators that we’ve reviewed, we’ve often been disappointed in their product not living up to their lofty claims.  MySolarBackup has contracted with the very well respected Xantrex for the core of its system, and restricts its claims to those that Xantrex will allow.

We took those claims to heart, and tested a few of their examples ourselves.

Using just the MySolarBackup unit we were able to power a CPAP machine for a full eight hours, plenty long enough to sleep if you’ve just had a power failure and can’t be without it.  Additionally, we plugged the MySolarBackup generator into an energy efficient refrigerator and were able to power it for eight hours, more than twice as long as the other solar generators on the market.  If you take this time and break it up some, with recharges in between, you should be able to keep perishable goods cold indefinitely through a long blackout due to storm damage or any other means.

As far as smaller items like phone chargers and the like, the MySolarBackup was able to handle them without a hiccup, which is to be expected.

I don’t want to mislead anyone here.  The MySolarBackup unit is not going to replace your other energy sources, nor is it going to power your entire home at the flip of a switch if your power goes out.  However, as an emergency power source to power a few important items through a power outage and save you a bit on your monthly electric bill by powering one or two items full-time, it’s worth its weight in gold.

Set Up

The MySolarBackup solar generator is fairly plain.  You just have the unit and the solar panel.  There is no fancy stand like the Solar Stik device, and unlike the LFP180 everything fits into just one unit instead of being broken down into many.

This means that the set up for the MySolarBackup unit is extremely simple.  Plug the solar panel into the inverter, then plug the devices that you want to power into the inverter.  That’s all there is to it.  The lack of a cool looking stand like the Solar Stik model may leave it a little less easy on the eyes, but it does simplify set up by quite a bit.


Solar generators are still a fairly new concept, and there is no perfect solar generator yet.  That said, the MySolarBackup solar generator is the closest thing to it, and also is the one solar generator that really has the potential to make solar generators a mainstream thing.  Solutions From Science has used their foothold in the industry and relationships with the parts suppliers to create what is by far the best performing solar generator at by far the best price, and finally deliver on the promises that the concept of solar generators promised us years ago.  Whether you’re looking for the best bang for your buck or just looking for the best solar generator on the market without any worries about cost, your choice is the same.  Either way, the MySolarBackup is by far our recommendation in the solar generator arena at present.


Portable, easy to set up, it is by far the cheapest option among solar generators. Best performance option among solar generators. Tests were consistent with promises made by company


Not as visually appealing as some of the other options like the Solar Stik

Review Score


Still a bit heavy, but light enough to move around or throw in the back of your truck/car


The only solar generator we’ve found that lives up to its claims


It’s the cheapest solar generator on the market while also having the best performance. That pretty much defines ‘value’.


Easily our #1 choice among solar generators.


Average score from all categories.