Don’t be fooled by it’s petite frame, Milwaukee 2691-22 is one of the most powerful 18V cordless drills available today from Amazon and boy does it pack a punch. With amazing customer ratings, very few complaints, a 5 year manufacturers warranty and the outstanding support services of Amazon you can’t really go wrong with this drill. Read on for full analysis and honest and detailed review of the Milwaukee 2691-22.


This one was a little harder to find a video for, but I managed it! It turns out that the Milwaukee 2691-22 Compact Drill is also known as the Milwaukee M18 Compact Drill. This is an 18V cordless drill and the video below shows some of the main features. However, as always and as per usual there will of course be a textual list of features below the video followed by a full detailed review. Enjoy.

This is an extremely powerful cordless drill with a plethora of great features and Milwaukee really do promise a lot, so I’ll delay no longer and jump straight into the list of features.

Power and High Performance. This is one of the most powerful 18V cordless drill that can be purchased today on Amazon and delivers a whopping 400 inch-pounds of torque. Milwaukee also claim over 100% more grip retention than many other leading brands.

Compact Size and Weight. The Milwaukee 2691-22 is a neat and compact drill which makes it very comfortable to use, and of course reduced user fatigue so you can go for longer and get the job done on time every time.

Accuracy Matters. This drill offers two speed settings of 0-450 rpm and 0-1,800 rpm. The high end of this speed settings is significantly faster than other leader brands. This very quick and highly adjustable speed of course means greater accuracy and neatness. Which, let’s be honest, is never a bad thing!

Versatility and Endless Applications. The Milwaukee 2691-22 is perfectly suited to many applications such as running wire, drilling metal to run conduit, conduit clamps, running copper pipe, Pex, anchoring pipe hangers, running pipe through wood, setting duct anchors, drilling pilot holes ductwork, fastening duct and general fastening.


As I’m sure you have realised by now, I believe it’s a good idea to break down the list of features into more than one list in order to make it more pleasant to read. With that being said, here’s the second list of features below.

Great Run-Time. Milwaukee say that this 2291-22 can run for up to two times longer than other leading brands of cordless drills.

Impressive and Powerful Motor. The Milwaukee 2691-22 features an innovative 0-3,200 IPM and 4-pole frame-less motor which maximises efficiency, run-time and torque.

Advanced Battery Technology. Milwaukee is an innovative leader as they launched the first lithium-ion battery in 2005. With the design now perfected lithium-ion batteries now are 65% lighter, 50% smaller and store more than 20% more power than the old N-Cad batteries. the Milwaukee 2691-22 also features a handy battery gauge on the batteries so you can see how much charge you have left at a glance.

Built-in LED Light. Easily illuminate your work area with a handy light fixed to this drill. Very convenient indeed.


Although not the most expensive 18V cordless drill available on the Milwaukee 2691-22 is certainly not the cheapest either. However, Milwaukee have solid reputation and this drill really does offer a great amount of features so the price is probably justified. The customers on Amazon who provided a Milwaukee 2691-22 Review certainly seem to think so. This got an outstanding 159/225 5-star ratings as well as 32/225 4-star ratings compared to only 34/225 1,2 and 3 star ratings. That’s a hefty record, and as always the customer reviews and ratings rarely lie!

The power of the Milwaukee 2691-22 certainly lives up to expectations and packs that big punch it promises for it’s small size. One customers said that this drill has “all the power you could ask for, and they’re light and well-balanced”. This is excellent news because this drill certainly promises a big chunk of power and it’s great to hear that it follows up and delivers on this advertised promise.

More good news, there has been no negative results what so ever that I’ve seen to suggest that the speeds of the Milwaukee 2691-22 don’t live up to expectations. 1,800 rpm is really fast for this class of cordless drill and I’m pretty impressed to see that it once again live sup to the hype. Excellent.

The Milwaukee 2691-22 is very small and neat, meaning you can reach those hard to get to places with ease. However I must now come to the first negative report of this Milwaukee 2691-22 Review. There has been some complaints of flimsy parts with this drill. Some customers are unhappy with the strength of the plastic in certain areas on the drill and there has been a few reports of breakage … however I imagine that this is mostly due to perhaps over-exertion of the drill or using it beyond it’s limits. Once again though, never fear because Amazon and their outstanding customer support is right there with you. Report and faults you happen to have and they’ll sort you out with a replacement straight away. Re-assuring and very easy indeed!

This Milwaukee 2691-22 features a great lithium-ion battery which great increases the run time of the drill. You get two batteries as standard, and they can get a full charge in half an hour. This of course means that you can charge one while using the other … which reduces and often eliminates downtime entirely! Unlike some other 18V cordless drills, thankfully the charger doesn’t fry the batteries with the Milwaukee 2691-22 which is a great re-assurance.

I know this is becoming some what of a re-occurrence with 18V drills of this class, but unfortunately there has been some reports of off centre chucks which cause a bad wobble. Once again, these seem to come in unlucky batches. However as always, Amazon has you covered and will replace any faulty goods. Not enough can be said about the extremely high quality of the Amazon support services … I wouldn’t buy from anywhere else online!


Without a question Amazon is the best place to purchase this headset. Their truly fantastic customer service combined with their cheap shipping deals and frequent discount prices they just can’t be beat.