Milwaukee 2691-22 Impact Driver Combo Kit Review 2018

The hardware appliance used for screw driving is called the impact driver. It is a very useful tool for almost everyone, most especially those working in the construction environment. It comes in various types of models and it will be up to you to choose which you think is the best brand that manufactures quality impact drivers. It is a very handy and compact tool for driving lengthy screws and drilling large holes because of its force of rotation and speed. You might want to take a look at Milwaukee 2691-22 Impact Driver Combo Kit since this tool got incredibly great feedbacks from people who bought it.

Who Could Buy/ Benefit from This Product?

The Milwaukee 2691-22 Impact Driver Combo Kit is especially designed for those people who love to do jobs by themselves as it is a user-friendly device and almost anyone can manipulate it. It is also for those who are working in industrial and construction setting where they do a lot of job that will require the excellent performance of this product. It can be simply used by homeowners, particularly in tasks which need a lot of drilling and screwing.

Product Description

Milwaukee 2691-22 Impact Driver Combo Kit consists of the compact driver or drill (MWK – 2602 – 20) and the 1/4 inches Hex impact driver (MWK – 2650 – 20). The cordless system of the M 18 is an original technology and electronics patented. The motor design is very innovative and its superior ergonomics makes the most capable power blending available. The lightweight feature is extraordinary when it comes to easiness. You will never believe a product as light as this will give you great performance in industrial terms. It is only 400 inches-pounds of torque and measures 4 pounds and 7 ¾ inches long. This product is powered by Lithium-Ion battery, its cordless system transports more torque and it offers exceedingly high power and longer lasting running time than most impact drivers. You only have to charge the battery for thirty minutes and you are on. It also comes with a free carrying bag that can aid you to bring it easily from one place to another.

Milwaukee 2691-22 Impact Driver Combo Kit Features and Specifications

– Torque of 400 inches to pounds compact drill driver/delivered
– 4 pounds in weight
– 7 ¾ inches in length
– ¼ inches compact force hex that goes along with its 4-pole frameless type of motor that transports torque of 1, 400 inches to pounds
– Durable, lightweight, LED lights built-in
– Changeable speed triggers
– Gauges of battery fuel
– Comes with a 5-year warranty for every power device of Milwaukee (consisting cordless device, tool and pack (s) of battery
– Consist of an 18 volt compact drill / driver, ¼ inches impact driver hex, one belt clip, 2 compact batteries and charger


The Milwaukee 2691-22 Impact Driver Combo Kit is an excellent product to purchase. You will be amazed by the performance that it will bring you. The battery life is lasting and it is better than what you expect from it. You can charge it approximately for thirty minutes or less. The weight and the power of this product are just right for everyone. The product is very well-balanced. You will also most probably recommend this product to your colleagues and friends.


The very little downside of this product is the flaking off of the white paint that outlines the huge Milwaukee insignia, but it is fairly priced. You can never downgrade the performance that goes along with the affordability of this product.

Product Reviews and Scores

The Milwaukee 2691-22 Impact Driver Combo Kit reviews gave an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. The rating only shows that consumers who have tried the product highly recommend it to other people providing the fact that it is a smart choice. The addition of this device to your household tools is a great move. Out of 271 customer reviewers, 191 of them gave it 5 stars while 42 gave 4 stars. The high rating shows that the product is worth it if you purchase one.


The Milwaukee 2691-22 Impact Driver Combo Kit offers an excellent battery in terms of performance. You never have to stop half way doing your task, unlike in most devices of this kind where you will be required to do work for a longer time due to its battery that performs badly. This device has a longer running time to get your job done swiftly. It is also the fastest available impact driver that the market can offer. This is the perfect device for you if you aim to get your job done in just a few minutes. It is highly advised that you take a look at this product for you to know that the reviews do not lie. The features and specification it possesses will not make you look for other devices for sure.