This Milwaukee 2601-22 Review is based on a great little neat compact drill. It’s small size and light weight are the first and most noticeable thing about this cordless drill and this of course is a huge advantage over non-compact drill of getting into tight spaces where the bigger drills simply cannot go. Do not be fooled however, this drill doesn’t lack on power as an expense. Oh no, certainly not … in fact one customer in particular described this compact drill as a “beast” when it comes to power. We’ll cover all the other features this great drill has to offer as well as a full detailed review of these features.


What’s Included. With the Milwaukee 2601-22 you get the cordless drill itself, 2 18V batteries, a charger and a carrying case so it’s pretty well equipped.

Heavy Duty Gear Box.The gear box in this drill has two speed settings as seems to have become standard with these 18V drills. The lower speed cranks out 0-350 rpm while the faster speed can do 0-1,400 rpm. This is pretty good for a drill of this size and certainly keeps up with competitors specs.

Powerful Motor. Power in a drill obviously matters and the Milwaukee 2601-22 doesn’t disappoint delivering 400 inch pounds of maximum torque. This means you should have the power needed to do whatever job should cross your path.

Lightweight and Neat Design. The Milwaukee 2601-22 weighs in at a very manageable 4 pounds. This means less weight on your arm and ultimately means you’ll be able to work for longer while maintaining the excellent accuracy that you desire. This drill is also very compact at 7 and 3/4 inches in length which means you’ll be able to fit into those tight hard to reach places without a problem. Great for versatility.


Advanced Batteries. This Milwaukee drill comes with new lithium-ion batteries which are the most modern technology in terms of batteries. They last longer than the traditional NiCd batteries, have better charge retention and recharge faster – in a whopping 30 minutes.

Choice of Batteries. There are two kinds of lithium-ion battery available. Don’t mind a little extra weight? Then why not upgrade to the slight bigger lithium-ion battery and get more lasting in your charge?

LED Light. A little LED light on the Milwaukee 2601-22 means those tight work spaces will easily be illuminated making it easier for you to see the details and ultimately increasing the quality of your work, which let’s be honest is never a bad thing!

Safety Warning. If you’re putting more pressure on the drill than it can handle it’ll start to kick about a bit to warn you that its’ under pressure. After a few kicks, the battery will cut off power to the drill and you’ll have to take out the battery and put it back in again to regain power. This neat little feature should save you from frying batteries and other drill parts in the long run … which means you save money on replacements. A very nice touch.


Once again it seems that this Milwaukee 2601-22 Review has positive news and that once again Milwaukee have delivered on a genuinely quality product. Well over 50% 5-star ratings from customer on Amazon with 75/128 granting it the top marks. And as if that wasn’t enough, a further 19/128 customers from Amazon gave it a 4-star rating. So 94/128 4 or 5 star ratings … not too shabby at all!

The main advantage of this drill is of course it’s compact size and light weight. Let’s be honest here, being a contractor is tough work … it’s tough to get jobs done right every time and on time. But according to customer reviews on Amazon the Milwaukee 2601-22 makes life a bit easier in this regard. Being so light and compact means you don’t have to struggle with the fatigue of holding a very heavy drill for extended periods of time. Also with this drill being nice and compact you can effortlessly get into those awkward positions where bulkier drills just simply cannot get to.

The quick charge time on the batteries is a big advantage. You get two batteries and they charge in the charger in about 30 minutes. The quick charge time is really great, but having two batteries also means that you can easily charge one while you use the other, meaning your downtime due to lack of power would be significantly reduced or even eliminated entirely. Nothing more frustrating than having a job to do but being force to sit around waiting for a battery to charge before you can get stuck in!

Beware that these batteries can be easy to fry however. However as previously mentioned in this Milwaukee 2601-22 Review this drill has a safety feature will cut off the power to the battery if it’s in danger of over heating due to too much pressure being put on it. This is excellent for increasing the life of the batteries and ensuring you don’t unnecessarily waste money on replacements.

Sadly I must now come to the first complaint in this Milwaukee 2601-22 Review which some customers have had about this drill. Now not to worry because this isn’t a major concern unless you are particularly picky. There have however been some complaints from customers that this drill is a disappointment when it comes to power output. Keep in mind now that this is a compact drill, and so will not have quite the power output of non-compact drills. This is just something to be aware of before purchasing … most home owners and contractors will be completely fine it’s just a bit disappointing to see a slight reduction to the diversity of this drill due to a slight lack of power. Once again though, all should be well for the majority of customers and the 94/128 4 and 5 star ratings back this up pretty well!


Without a question Amazon is the best place to purchase this headset. Their truly fantastic customer service combined with their cheap shipping deals and frequent discount prices they just can’t be beat.