Milwaukee 2450-22 Impact Driver Review 2018

It is very easy to notice that the advancement of technology gives so many tasks in almost every type of business. It can really bring tough times in the industry you are in. Even with regard to impact drivers, it can bring much of a hassle if you want to find the best one but you have plenty of selections. Luckily, Milwaukee 2450-22 Impact Driver is here to make your task easier. It will surely help you to do your tasks without a hassle because of its convenient use brought by the cordless impact feature.

Who Could Buy or Benefit from This Product?

Individuals who are very ideal to purchase this product are those who want to make their tasks much easier. This Milwaukee 2450-22 impact driver is a piece of equipment that is very ideal to be used by home remodelers as well as carpenters since they are the ones to use impact drivers more often. Even home owners can also purchase and make use of the product as this will be very useful to them, especially when there is something in the house that needs to be repaired.

Product Description

Providing high-quality 850 pounds of torque with a lightweight and compact package, the Milwaukee 2450-22 impact driver is sufficiently powerful in driving fasteners up to 75 percent faster and provides up to 2 times longer run-time. Weighing just about 2.3 pounds, its compact weight and size provides access to tight spaces and lessens user fatigue. The M12 Red Lithium battery together with the 0 up to 3,000 IPM delivers long enduring time and more IPM for maximum performance.

Milwaukee 2450-22 impact driver Features and Specifications

– The Lithium-ion battery in 12-volts delivers a longer run-time and hassle free performance.
– Fast bit-loading hex chuck (¼ inches) allows bit release and insertion to be performed using one hand.
– Trigger designed variable speed for power output control
– The battery fuel gauge shows enduring run-time
– Integrated LED task light for extra visibility


M12 ¼ inches Hex impact driver is very lightweight weighing only 2.3 lbs and is durable enough to serve you for a long time. Its compact weight and size together with its incredible speed decreases worker strain and fatigue, which makes it the smartest and lightest driver on its class. Milwaukee 2450-22 impact driver leaves nothing behind. It covers every single thing may it from pinpoint lighting to one-hand bit loading. Milwaukee 2450-22 impact driver’s especially engineered impact mechanism provides the M12 ¼ inches impact driver fifty more pounds of torque and 56 percent faster speed than other competitive brands. It also charges completely within 30 minutes, limiting interruption and promoting better productivity. Milwaukee impact driver has different applications, which include anchor straps, duct work, general fastening, pipe clamps, conduit clamps, anchoring pipe hangers and outlet boxes. Milwaukee brand is leading when it comes to Lithium-ion technology. They launched the initial li-ion system in the year 2005 and the initial backward compatible Lithium-ion in 2006. To fight on-site issues such as broken or bent terminals, broken welds and damaged clips caused by abuse and use, the li-ion batteries are armed with settled terminals, dual clips slide packs, over-molded cover and built-in welded frame together with cell separators. To be provided with a piece of equipment like the Milwaukee 2450-22 is a very beneficial thing to have. There are lot more advantages that you can find if you will purchase the product.


The thing is constructed from hazardous materials, thus you need to properly keep it so that your children won’t be in danger. If you leave it unattended and your children get an access to such material, their health can be at risk.

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are 47 customers who reviewed the product and gave it an average score of 4.3 stars out of 5. The majority of them gave a perfect score of 5 stars to the Milwaukee 2450-22 impact driver. In fact, out of 47, there are 28 customers who gave 5 stars to the product. If you will base on the Milwaukee 2450-22 reviews, you will surely purchase the product without any second thoughts. There is one customer who stated that Milwaukee 2450-22 impact driver is one of his most utilized products and he is really glad to make it as an investment. Another customer said that the product is really light and is great for its moderate power, light weight as well as compact size.


To be provided with an efficient product is a great thing, so if you want to have a functional tool, you definitely need to purchase Milwaukee 2450-22 impact driver. You will surely not regret if you purchase the product because all it will bring you is quality performance that you’ll definitely find beneficial for your needs. Make an investment and be ready to get great performance from Milwaukee 2450-22.