Metal Detector Reviews 2018

Metal detecting is a fast growing hobby that is fun for individuals, families and club organisations. Basically, you use a hand-held electronic unit to search an area for coins or other metal objects. There have been numerous finds that have resulted in substantial monetary outcomes (They got rich!).

Currently there are 5 major metal detecting manufacturers that should be considered when making a decision to purchase a metal detector.

1. Whites Metal Detectors – White’s, the most popular of metal detectors, dates back to 190 during the uranium craze. Since then the company is now the world leader in metal detectors. The Spectra series is responsible for the UK hoard find as seen in the video below. Other popular designs includes the E series, prize, beach and bullseye series.

2. Minelab Metal Detectors – Minelab has come a long way in a short amount of time to be one of the leading innovators in metal detecting. Through advanced research they have introduced the E-trac, Explorer and Safari, to name a few.

3. Bounty Hunter Metal Detector – These affordable detectors are among the finest for finding virtually any metal objects. The Texas Pilot, Tracker, Pioneer and Star are a few of their models that can be used by beginners or professional hunters.

4. Tesoro Metal Detector – Quality built and backed with a lifetime warranty make the Tesor brand hard to beat. Their dedication to detail are in all their models including the DeLeon, Cortes, Tejon, Vanquero and Lobo. Land and water, Tesor covers it all.

5. Fisher CZ-3D Metal Detectors – Fisher not produces a fine metal hunting devise but also produces products for security and utility purposes. Their vast research has developed find hunting pieces like the F series, underwater frequency series and the always popular gold series.

There are many different types of detectors, some are obviously more complicated and expensive than others. The basic ones are easy to use and have less features and buttons. Turn it on and off you go hunting! However, you have to practice to get good at anything, and the more complicated the detector, the more practice you will need.

Which is the best detector for you? What is the best gold detector? Do you need a waterproof detector? How much should you expect to spend? These are all questions along with many others you need to think about, and we at Metal Detector Reviews want to help you answer. Purchase a metal detector today and get in on the fun!