Memory foam Mattress Reviews – What Are The Advantages?

We spend over half our life in bed and yet it is amazing how little consideration we give to what we sleep on every day. Many of us wake up day after day feeling sore or stiff, but who considers that it might be the mattress itself that is responsible for some of this discomfort or even pain? This is a shame, because there are some great options out there for ensuring a restful night’s sleep. A brief online search will give you a whole host of memory foam mattress reviews for example.So just what is this sort of mattress and what advantages does it hold for most people?

It is a common misconception to think that lying in bed is the cure for all those aches and pains which are a part of everyday life. you’ve got a bad back? Go and have a lie down! Get a good night’s sleep, you’ll feel better in the morning! What most people don’t realize is that lying down on a conventional mattress is actually quite stressful for the body, regardless of sleeping position. If you are a side sleeper, the back and shoulders are under pressure, whereas for back sleepers, it is the the lower back and sacrum that will suffer the most. Finding a solution for these issues involves various orthopedic mattresses, one of which is memory foam.

The principal here is actually reasonably simple to understand. Most of the memory foam mattress reviews that you will find online tell the same story. The basic concept was developed some twenty years ago in Sweden as an answer to aching joints. This sort of support adapts to your body shape and weight, relieving pressure on sensitive areas, whatever position you sleep in.

Most of the top grade products available work on a three layer system, with a somewhat less dense middle layer. When shopping for this type of product, you need to look at the composition of the top layer particularly. This layer will be both denser and heavier than a traditional mattress. Densities can be as little as 2lbs but can also go over 5lbs in some models in this top layer which tends to be between 2 to 5 inches thick. Generally speaking, a quality product is going to have a higher value here, although your weight and build are going to affect your choice too. If you want to have a durable product that will still be in good shape twenty years down the line, 5 lbs is a good minimum value to shoot for.This layer system is important for the concept to work correctly and without it, sufferers of back pain for example, are unlikely to find the sort of pain relief they are looking for.

Our Goal at Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages that you find when reading memory foam mattress reviews , is that these mattresses don’t need you to purchase a whole new bed. I’m sure everyone has seen the adverts for orthopedic beds that promise a perfect night’s sleep and fewer aches and pains, but also cost as much as a new car! Memory foam is different and can sit on your existing box frame or even directly on the floor if you prefer. Its effectiveness is in no way dependent on what is underneath, which means it is a cost-effective solution.

No product is perfect though right? Looking at memory foam mattress reviews highlights a couple of things that are worth considering. The first thing is smell. The unique material used here does have a slight odor. Nothing unpleasant though and it is something that will disappear over the first week or two. The second thing is that there is a real difference between sitting on this type of bed and sleeping in it. It can seem slightly softer when just tested by sitting on the edge, leading you to wonder if it will be firm enough. This is actually part of the design process. The mattress is made to perform for someone who is lying down, and to spread the weight in this position in order to relieve pressure. After the first night or two, it will be obvious! Perhaps the last point to note here is that this is not the lightest mattress around, some models being up to 70 lbs or so. The high-density memory foam technology weighs more than the standard equivalent (which is why it works really). This means that it is a job for two people to move it up the stairs for example.

When you set up a mattress like this for the first time, you need to leave it for a while to settle. It looks strange, but the foam actually takes a few hours to find its shape. Leaving it out like this for a while means that it will be perfect for your first night in it.

There are a couple of options that not all memory foam mattress reviews mention that are also worth thinking about. More and more companies are combining this sort of technology with an enviromentally-friendly approach. Some of the companies out there have replaced the chemical used to create and treat the foam with natural products. This has the added advantage of making the odor issue inexistant. The other big plus here is in terms of heat-retention. Breathability is pretty important for getting a good night’s sleep without waking up in a pool of sweat, and using natural prodction techniques improves this significantly. It will also mean that the mattress performs at its best through a greater range of temperatures.

Waking up with aches and pains shouldn’t be something that we have to just put up with, especially when some easy solutions exist. Reading memory foam mattress reviews should give you a good indication of what this sort of product can do for you. Given that it is easy to use, comfortable and comes at an interesting price point for this sort of technology, it really is worth trying out. Who knows, a pain-free back could be just a couple of night’s sleep away!