Medicarn Bslimmer Vibration Plate – Ease Of Use With Power

Compared to the Body Sculpture BM1500, Medicarn’s Bslimmer takes you to the next level and offers additional possibilities for expanding your exercise repertoire.

Robust, well built power plate

The Bslimmer VP Gold Plus comes with detachable rubber grip support bars for easy performance of exercises that require balancing such as squats. The bar frame has wheels for easy portability of the otherwise heavy base. The grip bars also be easily removed for other types of exercise when they are on the way. The base plate itself is very robust and is large enough to be used for floor exercises as well as for third position exercises where your feet are wide apart.

The Bslimmer is as easy to assemble as the BM1500 (attaching the support bars to the base). Assembly instructions are provided on the accompanying DVD (that also includes sample workouts), and as an additional bonus, the Bslimmer comes with power cords (rubber bands with handles) that clip onto the base for your core muscle strengthening/resistance workouts. I have been using power cords for years and find them extremely versatile on their own let alone using them as part of the power plate routine. The Support bar does not hinder the use of power cords in this model unlike in Crazyfit Exercise Machine 1600W.

The base has a digital control displaying three automatic programs and 20 speed settings. For ease of use a remote control is attached to the support rail.

Use it or lose it

If you do not work your muscles they weaken and/or you lose muscle mass. Bslimmer Vibration Plate will exercise all the muscles you can think of (and those you never knew existed). It is powerful enough on its own to tire your muscles out and exercising them on your behalf.

Essential features of the Bslimmer Vibration Plate Gold Plus

  • Rubber grip support bars (detachable)
  • Power cords (rubber bands with handles)
  • Max speed: 2500 rpm
  • Max weight: 150kg
  • Digital base display: time, preprograms (3), speed (20), remote control

The Good

  • Size of the base plate and its sturdiness are impressive in the Bslimmer
  • Power cords can be used to accentuate core muscle building
  • Includes instruction DVD to get you started immediately
  • Takes 150 kg so the people not qualifying for the BM1500 can make full use of the Bslimmer

The Bad

  • Tiny remote unit may put people off compared to the large fixed display of the BM1500.
  • The support bars may come across as “flimsy” but when you think they are for support and not hanging onto it is a cosmetic fault more than anything else

The Bslimmer turns out to be much more versatile than its little sister BM 1500. While it offers the same health benefits it can be used for the next level of fitness and is a serious competitor for the vibration machines in your local gym. Supported for home use only it definitely has its place in your home fitness regime and even on its own to “get you in the mood” for more. Used regularly to its full capacity, varying the exercises and in conjunction with a sensible diet, the Bslimmer is a powerful exercise machine that can assist you on your way to optimum health.