MDHearingAid Acoustitone PRO Review 2018

As the name might suggest, the MDHearing Aid Accoustine PRO has been specifically designed by Ear-Nose & Throat doctors and tested by audiologists for people suffering from Mild, Moderate or Moderately-Severe hearing loss. The hearing aid has been extensively and independently tested to deliver sound quality that is comparable with the more expensive, higher end devices on the market.

With its relatively low price point vs. some of the other high-end hearing aids available, this hearing aid has been a huge success, topping the best-seller list and receiving great reviews from huge numbers of satisfied end users. This could be an especially good deal for people who require two hearing aids – one for each ear – as the manufacturer is offering a buy one, get second half price deal.

The manufacturer also offers a 45 day free trial, so you can try out the device for a full 45 days to really be sure that it meets your needs. If it doesn’t, you can return it for a refund.

Features and Specifications of the MDHearingAid Acoustitone PRO

  • 45 day risk free trial (money back guarantee)
  • Behind-ear comfort fit
  • Up to 45db of gain
  • Amplifies human voice frequencies without overly amplifying background sounds
  • 2 channel tone control toggle switch for decreasing background noise
  • Modern, discreet design
  • Uses size 13 batteries (easily available in good drug stores)

What are the positives?

Many first time hearing aid users report that the first time they used the Accoustitone was like a revelation – opening up the world of sound to them for the first time in ages. As with any new hearing aid, it takes a couple of weeks to get used to it, to find the right settings and for your brain to retrain itself, so it can filter out the unnecessary noises. But overall, first time users were very impressed – many of them posting positive updates to their initial positive reviews after a few weeks of use.

Other users who were already experienced with using hearing aids in the past had low initial expectations because they were usually replacing a much more expensive, high-end hearing aid or buying the Accoustitone as a “back up” to their expensive aid – these users have universally been very pleasantly surprised at how well this relatively “cheaper” device stacks up to the more expensive competition, which can cost 10x as much if not more. Certainly in terms of cost-benefit, the Accoustitone emerges as a clear winner. Indeed, simply maintaining the higher-cost hearing aids can cost more than Accoustitone, so it is certainly a serious contender.

The build quality of the item has been commented upon by several users who report it as being very robust and well made. Even when dropped or worn in the shower by mistake, the Accoustitone has stood up ably to the challenge.

The device comes with a number of different sized silicone cups that are used to completely occlude the ear canal and thereby reduce feedback. The large majority of customers report that this works really well and that they were able to find a cup size that worked for them, although a small number had custom molds made up by their local audiologist.

What are the negatives?

Some users who have particularly small ears report that this particular device was a bit uncomfortable for them to wear as it is a bit bulkier than some of the more expensive high-end aids. This also caused some problems with people who wear glasses at the same time as the hearing aid. Some also complain that the adjustment wheel does not have a locking mechanism, so could get knocked out of place when it is being installed and removed.

Some users did not find this device as effective in a busy office environment or in a restaurant, concluding that the device is probably excellent for retired people, but maybe not so good if you generally tend to operate in a noisier environment. Indeed, others conclude that it might be a device better suited to people who have a relatively flat hearing loss, rather than for those who have difficulty with higher frequencies, although there are different settings for different frequency ranges and it is unclear whether all users fully tried out these options.

Some people seemed to have received a defective unit that did not work properly out of the box or which worked for a short time before failing. In all cases where the customer was unhappy, however, we note that they were able to use the money-back guarantee to get a refund (less shipping and handling costs) or to get a replacement unit from the manufacturer. Generally speaking, there were a lot of really positive comments about the manufacturer’s customer service.

What’s the overall conclusion?

If it’s value for money you are after and you want a hearing aid that provides great sound amplification at a low price vs. the really high end hearing aids, then this is a great buy, especially if you need one for each ear or if you also want to buy a spare (i.e. take advantage of the half-off deal on the second unit).