Mantis 7250-00-02 3-Speed Garden Rototiller Review 2018

Mantis Garden Rototiller Description

What machine does the work of a hoe, grubber and shovel at the same time and all you have to do is hold onto it and walk behind it? There are no starting issues or loud noise and fumes – Answer: the Mantis garden rototiller. You don’t judge a book by its cover so it is a mistake to judge the effectiveness of this rototiller by its size.

It is small, weighing 21 pounds, but this makes the Mantis garden rototiller portable and maneuverable when in use. It is a three speed model so you choose between cultivating, tilling and digging. Once plugged in you push a button and to get the tines to do their work you squeeze the throttle control on the handle. The tines rotate at up to 240 RPM, cut a path of 9 inches wide and can till up to a depth of 10 inches, even in hard soil. If you want to use the Mantis garden rototiller for some shallow tilling then you reverse the tines and the tilling depth is reduced to 3 inches. Reversing the tines is easy.

The transmission is by a one piece gearbox, and the tines on the Mantis garden rototiller have a life time warranty. The rest of the machine has a warranty for two years

Unlike some other rototiller models the Mantis garden rototiller has other optional attachments that are sold separately. These include: Kick stand, Tine detangler, Weed reducers, Lawn aerator dethatcher, cord manager and a wheel set, which make it a versatile piece of garden equipment.

Of course because of its light weight and compactness the Mantis garden rototiller can be used as a follow up to weed and “hoe” flower beds and the vegetable garden. Due of its portability it is ideal for raised gardens.

Mantis Garden Rototiller Specifications

  • Has a working width of 9 inches, and a working depth of either 10 or 3 inches.
  • Can till hard sod or compact soils.
  • Choose three speeds; either cultivating, tilling or digging.
  • Electric engine is 540 watts delivering about 0.75 of a horsepower to the tines.
  • The reversible serpentine tines are patented and won’t bounce in difficult going.
  • Handles fold up for ease of storage.
  • It is versatile with optional extra add-ons available
  • The model 7250-15-02 Mantis garden rototiller has an added edger built in.
  • There is a lifetime warranty on the tines and a two year warranty on the rest of the machine.
  • The Mantis garden rototiller weighs 21 pounds

Mantis Garden Rototiller Reviews

The Mantis garden rototiller has a large fan club which is mirrored in the ratings it is receiving. We found 67% rated it at five and 20% rated it a four, meaning 87% of the users were happy with the performance of this rototiller.

Most found it easy to install, times ranging from 20-45 minutes (both male and female) and positive comments were made about the clear instructions. Users also like the fact that you could lift the Mantis garden rototiller with one hand as it was light and well balanced. A point of caution was that you must use a heavy rated extension cord of 12 gauge. This will ensure the engine will not overheat.

Some users thought the finish was a bit average for the price, like the handles were a bit rough, and other users would have liked some of the cheaper optional extras like the tine detangler and weed reducers as standard.

Most were impressed with the quietness of the Mantis garden rototiller, one person saying you could use it early in the morning without waking up the neighbors.

Again most users were impressed with the Mantis garden rototillers general digging capabilities and comments about this included packed clay, areas that were rocky, and old lawn areas that were being converted. Several comments highlighted the quality of the tilling, some saying it was much better than a gas tiller could do.

Gauging from the information sources we have read it is apparent that the Mantis garden rototiller can be used successfully by people of a wide age range.

Because the comments we have researched have been positive and the people who have bought the Mantis garden rototiller are impressed with its capability, we would recommend the Mantis garden rototiller. In fact we would place the two models discussed here in Equal Position 4.