This Makita LCT200W Review is based on another combo kit from Makita. I would call this the “baby” version of the Makita LCT300W which I previously reviewed. The Makita LCT300W has a few more little bits and pieces such as a flashlight, which frankly is a bit useless when buying a combo pack of drills. However, this LCT200W has the exact same 1/2 inch driver drill (the Makita LXFD01CW) and impact driver (the Makita BTD142HW) as the LCT300W. I provide a somewhat merged review of this combo kit as a whole as the components are the same as that of the Makita LCT300W. Read on for full details.


Variety of Cordless Solutions. This combo pack comes with a 1/2 inch driver-drill (the Makita LXFD01CW), and an impact driver (the Makita BTD142HW).

The Makita LXFD01CW. This cordless drill features a four-pole motor which deliver 450 inch pounds of max torque and 285 inch pounds of PTI torque for it’s compact design and size. This also has a two speed transmission delivering 0-450 rpm in low speed and 0-1,500 in high speed.

The Makita BTD142HW. This light impact driver weighs in at a mere 2.8 pounds. This once again features a four-pole motor which delivers 1,280 inch pounds of torque, 2,300 rpm and 3,200 impacts per minute. This is made from very high quality materials allowing for maximum fastening and driving power.

Common Features. Both the LXFD01CW and the BTD142HW are designed with comfort in mind. A compact and ergonomic shape which fits your hand very nicely greatly reduces operator fatigue allowing you to go for longer and maintain concentration. Also included on both is an LED light which nicely illuminates the work area.


Variety of Applications. With the LCT200W, the combination of power and performance within the kit means you’ll be easily able to handle several applications including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, remodeling and woodworking.

Innovative Lithium-Ion Batteries. This Makita combo pack once again features the famed 15-min charge time lithium-ion batteries. Compared to traditional NiCd batteries the Makita’s 18V lithium-ion batters weigh 40% less, have a longer run time and have five times lower self-discharge to keep cells active for longer. Makita also offer a Rapid Automotive Charger for 18V lithium-ion batteries which can be plugged into 12V DC sockets which are in most vans and trucks. Even with the 15 min charge time, it’s pretty nice to be able to charge on the move as well!

3-Year Warranty. With this you get a 3 year warranty which covers repairs due to defects in materials or workmanship and also a 1-year warranty on the lithium-ion batteries. As well as this you’ve got Amazon’s amazing support team to back you up as well should you buy from them. Which I highly recommend.


Once again I’ll simply pull excerpts from the Makita LCT300W Review which relate to this Makita LCT200W Review as both combo packs have common products. However first let me discuss the customer ratings which the LCT200W received as these of course will be different to that of the LCT300W. The customer ratings for this one truly are staggering. 124/155 5-star ratings and a further 19/155 4-star ratings … that’s 143/155 4 or 5 star ratings … which is damn near the best ever ratings I’ve ever seen on Amazon. Ok, now to the excerpts which are relevant here …

There’s not enough that can be said about the little impact driver (the Makita BTD142W ) which comes included with this combo pack. It just works. Effortlessly driver screws when “significantly less pressure is required to keep the phillips bit in contact with the screw head” as one customer put it. It’s neat and compact with a nice about of torque meaning you can easily get into those spots where a nail and hammer simply can’t. Got to love the flexibility of a well designed tool. Not a single complaint that I’ve seen relating to the Makita BTD142W. Very impressive all round.

Next I’ll come to the drill which comes with this combo pack, the Makita LXFD01CW. While there have been a few comments here and there that this drill did not deliver as much “umph” as the customer was hoping for, largely this a a great compactly designed tool. There is a solid combination of both power and speed which of course is important in a cordless drill, but also makes the Makita LXFD01CW very versatile in terms of applications for which you can use it. As well as this, the power to weight ratio of this drill is probably one of the best of any cordless in this class. No chuck complaints that I have seen with this particular model from Makita either. Excellent.

As always the Makita tools in which are covered in this Makita LCT200W Review are all incredibly comfortable to use thanks to their compact and ergonomic design. It has been said before and now once again that these tools fit into your hand like a glove.

Sadly we now come to the only slight pitfall of the Makita LCT200W, which is the batteries. True these 18V lithium-ion batteries do have an astounding 15 min charge time and are largely better than the traditional NiCd batteries, but the particular ones that come with Makita products do seem to have some issues. There have been reports of the charger killing the batteries when they’ve been left in too long and also the lifespan of the batteries being a little bit less than desirable. However once again never fear … for Amazon is there for you! Buy from Amazon and you’ll not only be covered by Makita’s 1 year warranty on the lithium-ion batteries but also Amazon and their amazing customer service. Not enough positive things can be said about the Amazon custom service, simply wonderful.


Without a question Amazon is the best place to purchase this headset. Their truly fantastic customer service combined with their cheap shipping deals and frequent discount prices they just can’t be beat.